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I dont know why it is so hard for many of those commenting here to get what Rick has written. It should be obvious that if you become a party that is more like a theocracy every day (with an ever increasing list of orthodoxies that members have to hold) AND if those orthodoxies are out of step with many, if not most, voters in the community AND if you do not present alternative solutions to the voters you will disapear up your own fundamental (pun intended).

Comment Posted By yoyo On 18.05.2009 @ 19:29


well said michael r, I'm an australian full health care emergency, chronic etc costs me 1.5% of my gross income. If i was a low income earner it would be free. My daughter had a chronic condition in her early years with multiple hospital stays, some in intensive care, except for ambulance insurance I have never been stressed by my medical costs.

Why are you americans so happy to pay too much to greedy thieves for a substandard service? In Aus many people have private health insurance for extras like cosmetic surgery however if they are really ill or injured they always go public because the service is better. How can such a huge country as the US have it in reverse?

Comment Posted By yoyo On 6.05.2009 @ 21:02

The difference with your "entertainers" is that they get to call your politicians into line. So you are being more than a little disengenuous there.

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I think andrew sullivan, someone who has been pushed out of the tent says it clearly

If today's "conservatives" spent one tenth of the time saying what they were for rather than who they're against, they might get somewhere. But the truth is: whom they hate is their core motivation right now. That's how they define themselves. And as long as they do, Americans will rightly and soundly reject them.

Comment Posted By yoyo On 5.05.2009 @ 23:40

once elected they could not seem to find any “no go” zone where a stand could be taken. I am not talking just about legislation, but about letting liberal democrats dictate the terms of the debate on every single issue from climate change to illegal immigration.

I actually think you have made a good point here, but as a liberal by your terms i have four questions in return, 1. where are the republican alternative policies? 2. are your issues with climate change sceptisim, ecconomics or greed? and 3. why do you keep choosing personal "moral" issues as your litmus test - gay marriage etc and 4. how far do you think you can get with anti intellectual as your representatives eg M Bachmann?

Comment Posted By yoyo On 5.05.2009 @ 23:22

But in the end, most federal programs are run out of Washington because the states are unable or unwilling to take the responsibility.

Just a first comment, portfolios like environmental protection cannot be run by the states because the resources are not limited within state boarders. One state could choose to thoroughly pollute a river that feeds into another state for example.

More generally, all I read from the repub thugs these days makes it clear to me that M Reynolds (a fellow liberal) is right, there is no space in the tent for republicans like yourself. I'm australian and our liberal (conservative equivalent) party also took a jump to the right although in a way that would look rino-ish to you guys and was wipped out in the last round of voting. people do not want to see old people starve or their children exploited at work or their neighbour deported. I would agree with you tho the vestigal farm communities will always be far more conservative on most issues however there are not enough of them to build a government with.

Comment Posted By yoyo On 5.05.2009 @ 18:06


I agree with both M Reynolds and Joe, very very few on the right (except Andrew Sullivan - does he still count as right?) said anything against the infringement of human rights pushed under the Bush administration. Many on the right including Mmme Malkin called those on the left traitors and terrorists and NOW you're complaigning that an overblown body like Homeland Security might be doing the wrong thing?

Secondly, there have been a number of minor McVeigh incidents where morons who have been fed by the Becks and Savages and Coulters have gone and shot up churches etc because they were out to kill "traitor librals". It is not just the Dave Neiwerts who are scared of mouth breathing, Beck listening extremists.

Comment Posted By yoyo On 14.04.2009 @ 21:19


if republicans werent always trying to appeal to the god and thunder morons who think all gays are going to hell, this would never be an issue. from a truly secular country (currently) we think this is all very funny. In Aus poltiticians are not outted because playing against the gays has not been a strategy of any major party to any extent. Clean your own house!

Comment Posted By yoyo On 6.09.2007 @ 00:57

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