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Well put, since I am from that same era I know of what you speak. But I think, in hindsight, it was really all about getting a really nice house in Marin/SF/Berkeley and then playing NIMBY as hard as possible. Their words of 1972 do not match their actions of today. If Obama looked like he was from Oakland instead of East Africa, Marin/SF/Berk wouldnt have given him the time of day, much less the millions of dollars that have fueled his campaign.

Comment Posted By the impossible middle On 26.08.2008 @ 00:33


I disagree with the interpretation of Wright's comments as being "racist." They were merely repetition of standard liberal dogma, which I have personally heard many times from the mouths of white folk -- minus the "goddamn," of course, because they are secularist.
Attacking Wright's remarks as being racist entails the risk of being called one yourself. But attacking them for being superliberal dogma, repeated as they are, in every major liberal university town in America,now that's fair game, and easy pickins, too.

Comment Posted By the impossible middle On 23.06.2008 @ 20:44

The 2008 race will be remembered as the first that hinged upon racism and sexism. First the liberal press and pundits hammered Hillary for being an arrogant female, which she is indeed, and second, for hammering McCain, because he is white, and old, also facts. The philosophical corruption entailed by the liberal philosophy, pushed forward with Nat Hentoff's, and Moynihan's 60's, spurious implication that "equal" and "equivalent" mean the same thing, has achieved fruition in the Obama candidacy, who is an empty suit (even more so than Jr, Doonesbury notwithstanding), with the right skin tone underneath, namely, caramel, rather than actually BLACK.
Obama is not a racist. However, he is very clever at exploiting the racism of his liberal supporters, especially the Bay Area crowd, his economic heartland. Their hatred of Bush Jr., and the fact Jr. successfully cheated to "win" in 2000, not to mention their easy obfuscation over the fictional WMDs in Iraq by the incredibly corrupt Cheney, has led them to overcompensate for their earlier failures, to the degree that they want to be against anything white, to assuage their multiple levels of liberal guilt trip. Their Ivory Towers are now considered bastions of righteousness by none other than themselves even though they continue to avoid Oakland like the plague, and have nothing to say when the city manager thereof gets rounded up in a police action against gangsters (happened just the other day).
However, his campaign has made a mistake in playing the race card so overtly because there is no need to even mention his race (which is, exactly, what?) in attacking him. All that needs to be done is to remind voters that he is a spineless, and perhaps cowardly (considering his reluctance to got to Iraq) superliberal.
If you want to get at his jugular, ask him how he feels about reparations..., and will he cut and run..., and has he ever had a REAL job...?
There are a million ways to get at him, but the right wing doesn't know how to do it because they are trapped by their own absurdities, and idiot George.

Comment Posted By the impossible middle On 23.06.2008 @ 02:41

This one is easy to turn around. It is implied that we should NOT vote for McCain because he is white. Hence, Obama runs a racist campaign. But he does so by exploiting the racism of liberals who would have nothing to do with him if he looked like he was from Oakland instead of east Africa. The emperor has no clothes, but the liberals cant say so because they are bound by the rules of "polite company," which Obama can exploit all the way to the White House.

He has used the "polite company" weapon several times -- once against Biden, effectively silencing him, and praising Al Sharpton in the process (a UN ambassadorship perhaps in the offing for AL ?), another time at a speech in Austin, allowing the audience to reinforce it's stereotypes when he declared himself tough because he was a black man from chicago, and another, of course, over the very rev Wright.

McCain should ask again for Obama to go with him to Iraq, and if he declines, start insinuating it's because Obama is afraid to do so. After all, Obama had to wait for a "proper" audience to make the "absent fathers" speech, instead of at his church of 20 years, despite many years opportunity to do so.

Comment Posted By the impossible middle On 22.06.2008 @ 00:49

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