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"If you believe he knew there were no WMD then you must also believe that he either wanted to lose the election of 2004 or lose the war against Iraq."

It's not that Bush knew, or didn't know, it's that he DIDN'T CARE. It still amazes me how many people think Iraq had anything at all to do with 9/11.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 16.07.2007 @ 11:44


"He saw a way to dupe the left into supporting his crusades – that he turned into a mockery when in court."

Apparently, the Supreme Court fell for his shenanigans as well. Fools! And again, scumbag Larry Flynt has done more for America ANY of his detractors.

But wait! What Flynt did is somehow diminished because he was protecting his bank account!? HOW MUCH MORE F'ING AMERICAN CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE!?

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 13.07.2007 @ 13:22

“even though I have no standards in my personal or professional life, I am going to sit in judgment on you and hold you to a standard that I piss on every month in my magazine.”

That's interesting, because that's exactly the way I feel when I hear moral champions like Vitter, Haggard, and Fallwell (God rest his soul). At least with Larry Flynt, you know EXACTLY what you're getting. Plus, whatever his motivation, Flynt has done more to protect our beloved constitution than any of the so called moral majority. I do not like having my bedroom legislated, especially by such sinners.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 13.07.2007 @ 09:32

I agree. If Senator Vitter wants to bang multiple prostitutes while wearing a diaper, the so be it. If he then wants to go to Washington and mock gay people while preaching about his awesome family values, then fine.

Who the hell is Larry Flynt to call out his hypocrisy? I mean, Flynt is a total hypocrite himself right? Scum of the earth and all... It's not like Flynt ever did anything to actually help this country.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 12.07.2007 @ 10:11


One of the really great things about politicizing the JUSTICE Department is that defense attorneys across this great country get to reexamine their cases and possibly demand NEW TRIALS for their clients. Plus, those awaiting trial are filing for dismissal because the trials are politically motivated. Awesome!

Yes, this is actually happening right now. I can't even imagine the massive amount wasted time an money this is going to be. That's not even mentioning the amount of trust and faith lost in the DOJ itself.


Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 11.07.2007 @ 13:12


I was just pointing out MY love of stereotypes. I was pointing out that it takes the guesswork out of MY life and facilitates easy decision making for ME. You attached the left/right labels. I mean, come on, they're stereotypes for a reason, right? And yes, I understand that this makes me a bad person.

Anyhoo, since my logic skills are admittedly lacking; how does the use of stereotyping NOT imply the endorsement of stereotyping?

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 10.07.2007 @ 13:06

I resent that. I loath both sides in mostly equal proportions.

One of the things I love most about the current national discourse is the fact that one side doing something awful is used as justification for the other side doing something awful.

Perhaps those on the right should rise above those on the left, eh? Instead of always saying, well, the left does it too! Or even better, Clinton did it too! You could maybe say, we'll never stoop to your level! We will restore honesty and dignity to [government office]! The temptation is probably pretty strong to be awful though, so I completely understand.

Also, nice work on the comeback.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 10.07.2007 @ 10:18

The best thing about stereotypes is that they help me preserve brain power by pre-categorizing everything for me. Thus, when I hear the category, I don't have to think about whether or not I hate the people in it. It's automatic. Lesbians? Check. Gay guys? Check. Fat chicks? DOUBLE Check.

You forgot to post pictures of negros eating watermelon and Mexicans mowing your yard though.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 9.07.2007 @ 14:46


I think Tano and Rick Moran are the same person. It's like Fight Club.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 6.07.2007 @ 16:35


"Does confronting the terrorists in and of itself breed more terrorists?"

Not at first. What breeds terrorists initially, is HORRIBLE FOREIGN POLICY. They hate us for all of the stupid counterproductive things we've done "over there." Not because of our supposed freedoms. That argument is laughable, but is convenient to believe for the ignorant "over here." Break it down to a simple lie, repeat it over and over, put it on bumper stickers, and the masses will believe you enough to elect you.

Now, when our horrible foreign policy makers turn their attention to the terrorists they've created, they create (surprise) even more horrible foreign policy (read: Iraq War).

Ah, ok, so take away everything from the 13-30 year old males and what would you expect to happen? Those raving Islamic fundamentalists who are pissed off about our initial horrible foreign policy start to make sense to the disgruntled youth. What's even cooler for the 13-30 year old is the feeling of being in a 'club' or 'gang', which is what the Islamic Insano's provide. Thus, the cycle starts.

So, on the first go-round, it's horrible foreign policy that breeds terrorists. On the second go-round, it's the horribly thought out response to the terror that breeds more terrorists. So, until we stop making such stupid decisions, we're basically screwed.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 5.07.2007 @ 10:57

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