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Col. Bunny

Please explain to me what exactly the "name issue" is. Before you do, you might consider reading this though:

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 14.03.2008 @ 10:38

Sorry jan, but entering into a political discussion on the internet using Barack Obama's middle name means you automatically FAIL.

If you want an example of quality political discourse, take a look at my post (#3) above. I know I set the bar discouragingly high around here, but if you try really hard you might be able to pull it off.

Oh, and I had a few of these just lying around not being used. I want you to have them, please, take as many as you need ---> ... ... ... ...

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 14.03.2008 @ 03:33

As much as I want to, I just can't bring myself to care about this Rezko stuff. Are there any whores involved? Cuz man, if you throw in the whores I'll be all over this. Literally.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 13.03.2008 @ 15:31


Tom Grey,

I challenge you to give a proper definition of the term "Liberal Fascist."

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 13.03.2008 @ 12:23


Par for the course? Awww come on... I was so full of hope 8 years ago. You might say that I was bursting at the seams with it. I guess I might lean left more than I did in the past, but it's only because of the massive sense of betrayal and failure I feel about a party that I once identified with.

It's a personality flaw, I know, but I just take perverse pleasure at watching hypocrites destroy themselves on either side of the isle. It just seems to have been more on the right the past few years. It'll swing back the other way, it always does.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 11.03.2008 @ 13:09

The only time I care about a politicians sexual exploits is when they publicly preach some contrived brand of morality in order to pander to voters, then get caught doing the exact opposite.

This is why it's often more hilarious when republicans go down in flames in sex scandals. For some reason they like to come across as having a monopoly on morality.

Otherwise I couldn't possibly care less who they're banging. In fact, it's high time some of these guys started having more sex.

Um...the fact that Spitzer ran his campaign as someone ethically superior to all other candidates and featured his family throughout the race doesn't appear to disturb your "hypocrisy nerve" at all.

Curious - but par for the course.


Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 11.03.2008 @ 11:02


I can't wait to see the holy Obama crash to the ground in flaming mass of twisted Chicago deals and political hackery. Then we can get on with the countries business of electing real president. A real president with an untainted past... a president like Hilla... no, wait... John Mc... uh... crap. Eh, whatever.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of trying to overthrow democratically elected leaders in other countries and paying off insurgents with guns and bricks of cash so they'll stop blowing us up.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 6.03.2008 @ 14:23


It's truly amazing what it takes to get you guys fired up.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 4.03.2008 @ 20:17



Every single moment of every day on planet earth is a time of international conflict. I don't see how Obama could make things any worse internationally than they currently are.

Today ain't that day. Psh, right. Eight years of EPIC international failure by the current crew, and you're calling out Obama? Laughable.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 3.03.2008 @ 22:34



I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a rationalist who does his homework.

"1. Who were the conspirators?"

The so called conspirators were the industrialists of the early 1900's. The people who stood to gain the most from having a workforce with enough knowledge to run the factories, etc. For example, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller spent enormous quantities of money through various organizations to put forth a model of schooling what would become mandatory for most everyone.

"2. How did this cabal manage to impose their evil design upon the many different school systems of the United States?"

I didn't say that the design was evil. The design makes perfect sense to those who benefit most from it. The variations in school systems are minimal at best. An average public education in Chicago is virtually the same as one in Los Angeles.

"3. How have they managed to foil the system of elected school board members?"

School board members work within a predefined set of boundaries to effect minimal changes in the local school(s) that hey have a small degree of control over. They aren't being 'foiled' at all. They have a job to do. They make sure that schools operate within the guidelines. Their job isn't to care about why public schools exist. They make sure that the right people get hired or fired, or the curriculum meets certain standards, or finding the right football coach, etc.

"4. Why have they failed to achieve uniformity of school systems across the country?"

I'm not sure how you would define uniformity. From what I have seen and read, the system is very uniform. The styles might vary from place to place, but the public system is the public system. Sure, property tax driven systems have more resources for wealthier communities, but the underlying system still functions the same.

I understand your concern for better spelling and grammatical errors. Sometimes debate around here gets heated, and the tiny comment box is more designed for hasty commenting than editing. I would like to apologise to you for my pour grammer and spelling. I blame pubic skooling, not myself.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 27.02.2008 @ 13:28

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