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There are few things I love more than my country. Thus, the latter. It's way way sadder.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 3.07.2007 @ 12:46

The only thing left to do now, is give Scooter back his security clearance. It's painful to see such a good and loyal man get railroaded by actual justice. If you think that was a jury of his "peers" you're sadly mistaken. The uninformed, unclean masses don't deserve to pass judgment on this great American.

The rulers can't be expected to be held to the same standard as myself, and as a member of the ruled, I understand and accept that because that's what I'm told I'm supposed to do. Everyone else should too.

This is a great day for America. It truly is. History will judge George W. Bush as one of the great, yet misunderstood minds of our time. It is unfortunate that so many people hate him, his staff, and his policies. They may seem like complete and utter failures, but as noted, history will surely see it differently. That's why I love history so much.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 3.07.2007 @ 10:26


"Oh my, here goes those evil conservatives again, wanting to treat people as individual human beings rather than as a member of a “group” or “class” or “protected group.” What’s a civil rights lawyer to do?"

Exactly. Finally, a little equality for a change. I'm tired of hearing about how a perfectly qualified white guy gets passed up for a spot in college because some horribly unqualified guy had the LUCK of being born black. It's time for white people to demand a little fairness in an already unfair system. I look forward to many more ground breaking 5-4 decisions in the future from what's become my favorite court.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 29.06.2007 @ 12:25


So, which part of Joe Wilson's account was false then? If it was false, why go through so much trouble to trash him? Just curious.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 30.05.2007 @ 15:42


Sweet. Another great example of "Clinton did it too!" This is incredible news.

So, Clinton did it and didn't get caught. Bush did it and did get caught. Now, what should we do about it?

I propose that we ignore it. We've got terrorists to fight "over there." We don't have time for accountability "over here." The last thing we need to be concerned with is some "minor" politicization of the Justice Department of the United States.

I mean, Clinton did it too. Should we go back and try to get him impeached for a second time? Maybe. If my beloved republicans could get their heads out of their posteriors long enough to get some actual legitimate votes, we wouldn't have lost the majority, and we wouldn't have to worry about oversight and accountability. Plus, we seriously need to bomb Iran.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 29.05.2007 @ 11:49


Well said Bowden.

What I don't understand, is why doesn't the senate just have a straight up/down vote. Are you FOR the troops, or are you AGAINST the troops. Clearly, the democrats would vote AGAINST, every single time. Might as well have a straight up/down vote for freedom too while we're at it. I'd like to know where my senators stand so I know who to vote against.

Ah, Senator Obama, you voted not support our troops, AND you voted against freedom? You won't be getting my vote, that's for sure. It's very simple. There will be no "magic negro" running my country anytime soon.

I can tell you one thing for certain. When I talk to my marine friends fighting in Iraq right now, they sure as hell know who is for them and who is against them. They are also looking very forward to their (twice) extended tours.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 25.05.2007 @ 14:42


Why can't we just get on with destroying Iran and ridding the world of evil for good? What they really need is a democratically elected government, like the one they used to have before we... oh, right. Either way, the main stream media needs to grow a set of red white and blue balls and start loving America. All they've managed to do so far is act as a (engorged) tool for the administr... oh, right.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 23.05.2007 @ 14:53


I'm pretty sure that the whole 'head drilling' thing is simply an 'advanced interrogation technique' used to extract vital information from suspected bad guys. Sounds like these guys are on board with the Military Commissions Act, and that should be good news for all of us. I really don't see the problem here.

Comment Posted By tHePeOPle On 13.11.2006 @ 12:33

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