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FYI, Fred, no one has said that we need to nationalize the oil companies. I invite you to directly quote Obama and show your sources on that one.

Comment Posted By Stephanie On 6.11.2008 @ 13:41

Wow. It's narrow-minded conspiracy mongerers like you that are ruining our country. Get over yourselves. Get the facts - and getting information from fellow conspiracy freaks is not getting the facts - and stop trying to jam complex ideas into simplistic labels. The world is more complex than "socialist" and "capitalist." I suppose it is "socialist" to have public schools and disability insurance.

Stop the hate. We are all apart of this country and we need to work to make it work - not participate in all this childish bickering and name-calling. Grow up.

Comment Posted By Stephanie On 6.11.2008 @ 13:39


This movie did no more nor less dramatizing and "putting words in people's mouths" than another historical and objectively accurate movie Tora!Tora!Tora!

Where was the outcry over dramatizing when in was shown for the 4 billionth time last Friday?

Comment Posted By Stephanie On 14.09.2006 @ 02:23


This was an incredibly written piece and I truly enjoyed the amazing Katrina Timeline. However, I have just one small problem. You state the following:
"...But when otherwise civilized human beings – people who just a short while ago you could have walked past on the streets of New Orleans and not been worried about being shot or raped – are turned into gun-toting maniacs, looting and pillaging in a frenzy of blood and lust for booty..."

This storm did not turn people into rapists, murderers, and gun-toting maniacs. People chose to be those things before a hurricane named Katrina came along. A five year old girl's body was found, her tiny throat slit, in the convention center in New Orleans. Why?

This storm and the ensuing criminal chaos wasn't created by the failure of politicians to provide food and water. Those people CHOSE to do bad things because they have hate in their hearts. The vast majority of the citizens of New Orleans who were trapped in the city killed and raped no one. There is no excuse for that type of behavior and no amount of desparation that justifies it.

Comment Posted By stephanie On 7.09.2005 @ 20:40

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