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Mr. Obama is at 55% overall...

Where does that come from?

I can't find any recent poll or other index that indicates he's at 55%. All the recent ones I'm finding put him at 50 or lower. Got a link we can check out?

Comment Posted By sota On 27.01.2010 @ 06:20


From Wikipedia: “J. C. Watts served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003 as a Republican, representing the 4th congressional district in south-central Oklahoma.”

You were saying!

No fair bringing up actual facts! I'm sure he'll respond with, "Well, show me another!" or "One black guy in 100 years! Great job GOP!" and then when you show him others, he'll make some off topic derogatory comment about the Tea Partiers and be off on something else before you know it.

Now, can you tell me Mr. Bottom, exactly what does “black enough” mean?

Easy. If they're a Republican, they're not "black enough".

Comment Posted By sota On 12.01.2010 @ 19:56

That’s you point? Okay, I’ll respond.

You definitely responded. I'm not sure to what, but you did.

Reid on the other hand said what every black person knows to be true: Obama looks less threatening and he talks white, so he should do well at the polls.

To which we respond, big hairy deal.

At least this comes close to discussing the topic in my original comment. Although simply reiterating what I said doesn't really make for much of a discussion.

I find it hard to follow all the tangents, but I'm guessing from your reply that because liberals have some kind of credibility with the black population that they can say something that conservatives cannot. Is that what you're implying?

That's at least a debate worth having, but tossing in all your other standard GOP-is-evil talking points is just pointless and tiresome.

So is it your contention that because liberals are viewed as sympathetic to the black population, they can get away with saying something that a conservative never could?

Comment Posted By sota On 12.01.2010 @ 06:41

The GOP has zero credibility to fall back on when this stuff happens.

Maybe so. Maybe not. But you didn't respond to my point...deliberately, I'm sure.

Comment Posted By sota On 11.01.2010 @ 19:56

OK, emough snark. Do I think Reid should resign over comments such as he made? No. Do I think this is “much ado about nothing”? Yes. But let’s just play this out all the way. Was Trent Lot’s comments about Strom Thurman in any way equivilent to Reid’? No. But let a white Republican/Conservative (i.e. non-Democrat) make a remark similar to Reid’s and watch the fireworks.

The only interesting point of discussion is the double standard. I don't think Reid is a racist nor do I think his comment was racist. But the Democrats who are so "ho hum" about this comment shouldn't kid themselves about what would happen in a hypothetical situation where a Republican said the exact same thing.

The double standard doesn't bug me near as much as Democrats or liberals who deny it exists. Can anyone imagine the firestorm that would have erupted had this come out:

In response to a question about being the first woman on a Republican ticket running against the first serious African American candidate for President, Sarah Palin quipped, "America is ready to elect a light skinned African American who doesn't speak with a Negro dialect, but that doesn't mean Obama is the right man for the job.

Comment Posted By sota On 11.01.2010 @ 17:31


A non-response. Do you have an actual response? One containg, say, a fact?

For you? Maybe when you show a reasonable desire to debate a topic.

Until then?


Comment Posted By sota On 6.01.2010 @ 18:08

Imagine my surprise. It’s almost as if none of you has the slightest idea what you’re talking about. It’s almost as if you’re just making stuff up. Like you just really don’t even give a damn about the truth but substitute partisan rage for reality. Yep, it’s almost like that.

It's becoming more and more difficult to resist my inner snarkiness with your responses, but I'll do it again.

I note that our host Rick has still not supplied a single one of the “facts” he said “speak for themselves.”

I assume it's your contention that Obama is giving counter-terrorism the same priority that Bush gave it? How does that jive with terrorism being an overblown threat that the GOP is just hyperventilating over?

Comment Posted By sota On 6.01.2010 @ 06:27


You display the modern conservative mind: historically ignorant, illogical, and full of chocolate pudding.

Oh yeah? Well, I'm rubber and you're glue...whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

Your misreading of my comment is staggering.

Comment Posted By sota On 2.01.2010 @ 06:54

Again: it was Obama who insisted on sending Predators into Pakistan over the objections of your candidate. And it is Obama who reinforced Afghanistan and sent the Afghan surge.

Yes, yes, Obama is a hawk and a military genius. We get it, already.

Jesus, when it was the Japanese and the Germans “the only thing we had to fear is fear itself.” Now it’s a handful of religious nuts with panty bombs and it’s fear, fear and more fear.

If conservatives need terrorists to be 10 feet tall, liberals desperately need to downplay the threat and have them become a non-issue, because as soon as they are an issue, the liberal's misguided philosophy runs naked through the streets for everyone to point and laugh at.

The terrorists need someone to fear them? That's probably true (although I suspect they don't spend much time in deep thought about that)...but they also need people to be lulled into thinking they're a bunch of backwoods hicks who can only singe their undies a bit. They need you to keep diminishing the enemy. They need people to let their guard down. They need people to keep underestimating them. They need people to keep their heads in the sand.

Hopefully the "system" keeps working as well as it did this for the next "bozo" who tries to kill Americans.

Keep it up.

Comment Posted By sota On 1.01.2010 @ 21:25


Aside of course from Obama’s pigmentation which is what a good half of it is.

A well-reasoned and mostly reasonable response thrown out the window with one short sentence.

A good half? Really? It's that quantifiable? Nonsense. Again.

Comment Posted By sota On 22.12.2009 @ 07:35

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