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Your corresondend Ann Whalen writes:

1:06 pm
Has anyone noticed the deafening silence of the political left about this whole mess? I wonder why? Because they would have to defend Christians? Because they believe the Pope deserves it? Hmmm…

A further correspondent, Matt writes, inter alia,

11:01 am
I think the irony is nearly overwhelming. Honestly, words nearly fail me – are these Musliim swine for real? Sorry, excuse my redundant question – to the nun they’ve killed and the congregations they’ve left homeless by burning those churches, they are all too real alright! Well, as a (formerly) non-extremist Catholic I can honestly tell you, the over-reaction to the Pope’s WORDS, following on from the treatment of that Danish cartoonist, has left me feeling extremely hostile toward Muslims everywhere and hoping that my church rises up to use it’s far superior firepower to wipe this ugly blemish of a religion from the face of the planet! Yes, that’s right, I, a non-hostile Catholic, has become so angered by these animals that I now hope they DO bring their f***ing Jihad here and get wiped out once and for all by my God-fearing, peaceful church. It’s at times like this I actually get behind the likes of George Bush as the lesser of two evils.

In the first case, the Pope gave his Regensburg Lecture all on his ownio. No one asked him to bear such an animus for other religions, especially after his condemnation of the Danish cartoons. Secondly, the left could not imagine that Tony Blair, the socialist with the mostest, would be recruited by Pope Benedict XVI to do precisely what he did. Thirdly, I think Miss Ann Whalen might realise that while Islam, Judaism and Christianity, have much hatreds in commone, It wasn't Islam who universally attacked and hated pagans, Albigensians, Cathari, the Jews, W|itches, Huegonots, Protestants, Spanish Anarchists, the Socialists, the Communists, or who enslaved most of the world.All she has to do is read Matt's contribution to find out who did.

Matt is a perfect Christian. Underneath his rather thin surface is a roaring lion, championing at the bit. He imagines that Islam did this to him. And while it is true that Islam maybe the spark for his self-conflagration, such hate and anger were primed for years and years.

Matt is the Tertullian effect of all Christian education, combustible, irrational, blind and violent throughout.

While I am amazed that the Editor allows such language on the internet, I believe in this case it is a virtue, if only people would read it. To date it has passed most commentators without comment. Is that because we are innured to such Christian violence!!

Seamus Breathnach

Comment Posted By seamus breathnach On 19.07.2007 @ 02:19

You print the following:

Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that he was “deeply sorry” about the angry reaction to his recent remarks about Islam, which he said came from a text that didn’t reflect his personal opinion.

Surely the Pope can see the difference between being sorry about what people feel he meant and what he himself felt he meant?

And if you say God is Love, Love is Logos, and everyone from Socrates to the Protestants are now (all of a sudden-like) at one with the mystical body of the Logos that can be found in Regensburg and the Vatican, but that , at the same time, Islam doesn't quite make the grade, shouldn't he be sorry for what he said rather than for what others heard?

And if he feels he has nothign to be sorry for -- why run to Turkey to welcome them (all of a sudden-like) into Europe, whcih is too secular anyway, even for Christians?

Isn't the Pope a tad confusing...?

Seamus Breathnach


Comment Posted By seamus breathnach On 15.02.2007 @ 14:55

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