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Baseball... I am sitting in my easy chair watching the Phillies make another futile run for the post season. Yet I remember sitting in my grandmother's living room and listening to the Phillies sink into west along with the warm days of summer. The game brings back warm memories of family, friends, and the dreams of a young american boy.
As I watch the filler programing during last night rain delay. The ugly realization of the records that were being spoken of, the players cheated. They took steroids!! They cheated. There was nothing worse in my childhood neighborhood then a cheater.
Baseball has ignored the fan, ripped the average fan off with out rageous ticket prices and the players have no concern for the average guy and their families.
That is why I take my family to minor league baseball. It is fan friendly, family friendly and the truth is, the players have not become arrogant assholes yet.

Baseball... America's past time.. has become America's shame.

It breaks my heart.

Comment Posted By satrurn1256 On 27.09.2005 @ 18:45

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