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Sorry to rain on your parade but your attempt to make a fair and reasonable assessment fails miserably. The AGW scare was and is one big boondoogle. CO2 in the atmosphere is basically a plant food and a bit more increases boita growth. The IPCC has overstated the ablility of CO2 to increase the global temperature.
Last night I had the privledge of hearing Lord Monckton speak in Perth, Western Australia and I suggest you obtain a copy of his set of FACTS. The outcome of the issue should be decided on the facts alone, and the IPCC is, and always has been a poor source of FACTS and this is now becoming obvious to all and sundry. The huge body of knowledge , the thousands of scientists, the concensous never was. We don't need any more debate but a panel of honest scientist to look at the relevent science and cull out the lies, distortions and the cherry picked non-facts. When we have something that approaches the true state of knowledge of CAGW, then we can have a debate.
A debate with the current corrupted science as a starting point is useless. Release the data and take politics out of science.


Comment Posted By saltbus On 10.02.2010 @ 00:07


Welcome aboard Rick. I went looking for the truth of AGW 4 years ago. I was so shocked by what I found. None of the revelations in the emails are new. Briffna's hiding of the decline had been called the "divergency problem" and was solved by removing the offending recent parts of the graph and welding on the modern temperature numbers. It was never honest but nobody I told this to was interested. After the leaked emails showing the experts chatting amongst themslves about how best to dress this up to reply to that "bozo" Steve McIntyre, a lot more people understand the horror of what was done.
The orchestrated series of peer reviewed papers "proving" that the medieval warm peroid and the little ice age didn't exist was inexplicable. I had always known about these things, I had read Lamb's book on climate change decades ago. The CRU was founded by this man and he was the first director. His graph of the global temperatures for the last millenium was used in the first IPCC report. But it wasn't scary. We should all be thankful that modern times are not as clod as the Little Ice Age. Crops failed, people starved and died, the recent climate has been wonderful for humans. We feed 6 billion people now, better than we feed 3 billion people 50 years ago. There has been warming and we should rejoice in our luck. CO2 did't and can't do it.
I was always puzzled why data was secret. Or difficult to access. Or not sufficent to work out what was done in the peer reviewed papers. I always assumed that is was science that was being done but since the leak of the emails, we all now know that it was only ever politics.

Comment Posted By saltbus On 10.12.2009 @ 02:11

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