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"The air is visibly let out of the Veep upon hearing that and he slinks away to write his resignation letter."

And that's when I turned off the tube and went back to doing my taxes, because Palmer gave him a week or so to submit the resignation, instead of demanding it on the spot in front of witnesses.

Sure enough, as your synopsis relates, Daniels doesn't have to wait a week for an opening; he gets it later that same episode.

Comment Posted By refugee On 17.04.2007 @ 12:55


For me, the most striking thing about this show was that compassion twice results in disaster.

Phillip is able to kill Graem because he wants just a few moments with his son.

Morris is kidnapped because Chloe releases him to attend his radiation-sick brother before the image comes clear.

Comment Posted By refugee On 7.02.2007 @ 02:33


Rick, your views on Coulter and the way this cultural war ought to be fought are precisely why you and other "holier than thou" conservatives will lose and are already losing. The Democrat party has morphed into a truly Leninist political organization with a contempt for law let alone basic moral principles. They will do anything to win and to stay in power. As soon as they are able to get a sufficient number of people in this country dependent on some income redistribution scheme. Then they will never have to worry about nuisances like elections. You will be lucky if they remember that you were a gentleman in your opposition to them (before it was outlawed) and may be spared the Gulag.

Seriously, in fighting a nasty trotskyite organization of thugs like the Democrat party, you only stand a chance if you have people like Coulter. God bless her... Lenin once said: "You can't make revolution wearing white gloves". I should know. I grew up there...

Comment Posted By Refugee On 1.10.2008 @ 20:19

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