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America is bigger than the presidency. It is more important than just one man and his ambitions to socialize our economy even more than it already is. I will oppose a President Obama when he seeks to socialize our health care system, I will oppose him when he tries to raise taxes, or re-instate the Fairness Doctrine or nominate judges that make Ruth Bader-Ginsburg look like Clarence Thomas. I will oppose him with my voice, mind, money and power when he tries to wreck this country by turning over our sovereignty to the United Nations. I will oppose him when he tries to ban guns have the taxpayers pay for abortion on demand. I will oppose him when he surrenders to the terrorists that are trying to kill you and me.

Conservatives need to oppose this dangerous man and his dangerous plans. He may be legitimate under the constitution, but he wouldn’t be the president of all Americans and he’s made that clear. He wouldn’t represent me. I’m not an elitist snob. I don’t go to a racist anti-American church or pal around with anti-American terrorists and communists. I don’t hate this country and the president of the United States shouldn’t either. I don’t want or need higher taxes, socialized medicine, or activist judges who wipe out democracy and take power from the people. HE DOES.

He is dangerous and a fraud. Conservatives need to oppose him and his ideas and link them together so that others will see the light. We shouldn’t fight liberalism with one hand tied behind our backs. We need to fight with vigor and use all the tools at our disposal. If that means making this manboy a laughingstock, then so fucking be it. If anyone deserves it, it’s Obama.

Comment Posted By Real American On 14.10.2008 @ 13:32


I'd say your assessment on the economy is on par with mccain. Krugman nails it and today could be a black wednesday as world markets crash. asian markets already did. CDO's, derivatives and the fact that none of it has any oversight gave us what many anticipated. unchecked geed leading to market failure. thanh you republicanism and thank you mccain for making GOP a dead brand.

How does it feel to hope for catastrophe so your man wins? You are fairly shaking with excitement at the prospect of a crash. You probably smiled as you wrote those words above.

Reminds me of liberals on Iraq. Every piece of bad news was cheered by you guys. Same thing here.

You're despicable.


Comment Posted By real american On 8.10.2008 @ 05:29

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