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I've looked over some of your past posts on Iraq, and I would have to say you are one of the people who seemed to be very sure of your opinions even when they turned out wrong many times and one of the name callers who has made true debate on this issue so difficult.

So in your small way, you helped make the mess we are in now.

Comment Posted By peteathome On 19.09.2007 @ 20:20

We should be starting a real dialog about ways to clean up Bush's mess. Unfortunately, politics won't let this happen. It's either "stay the course" or "withdraw now". The Democrats are going to have to deal with this in 2008, so they might as well start now.

What are some of the options? The most obvious is partitioning, although I don't know if that would really work. But if politics around this issue could be diminished, I bet the real experts who understand the region could come up with some interesting ideas.

Unfortunately,both sides are very bitter about the burnt earth politics surrounding this issue. I'm still so pissed off for being called names when I predicted to everybody I could talk to what would and has happened if we invaded Iraq without real planning and true support from the world, that it's hard for me to be rational about this.

It's an ugly situation.

Comment Posted By peteathome On 19.09.2007 @ 19:28


Today's Washington Post suggested one motivation for the administration to suddenly switch back to using FISA - information gathered under the Administration warrantless searches would be inadmissible in criminal trials. Since the administration has been forced to move towards a more criminal approach to terrorists ( at least those apprehended in US territories) they need to start gathering evidence in a legal manner.

Still, I would like to know why the Administration has screamed so much in the past about being under FISA - did they seriously believe it would impede gathering information or was it for the reasons other suggested - expanding/returning Presidential powers.

Comment Posted By peteathome On 18.01.2007 @ 15:27


As a center-left person, I find Mr. Reid's behavior puzzling. Regardless of how one feels about a former president, attending the funeral is showing respect to the office. And Ford really did a lot of good in his two years of office. An amazing amount, actually. The only negative was his pardoning of Nixon ( something I'm still not sure I'm against) and possibly the way the end of the Vietnam war was handled - I mean, was it really necessary to end it so chaotically and with such a lack of dignity?

Reid's behavior seems almost as bad as Bush's when Bush has, on several occasions, stayed on vacation rather than attend to important Presidential business such as trying to deal with the severe warnings about an impending attack on the USA or finding out what was happening to New Orleans ( hey - I said I was left of center!)

Comment Posted By peteathome On 29.12.2006 @ 09:37

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