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No Democrat will codemn this behavior because few Democrats find anything objectionable in what this guy is doing. Scratch a reporter or editor at any major national daily newspaper and you'll get the same response: No outrage, nothing to see here, move along.

But if this were gome GOP gadfly-idiot, outing closeted gay Democrats for refusing to support the war???

24/7 front page news.

Comment Posted By mike d On 4.09.2007 @ 16:40


i just noticed that a reply i wrote saturday morning...which was contrary to crazy lady's belief system but not mean or snarky... has been removed from the thread.

also noted that other people not so delusionally inclined as miss moonbat wrote in to express themselves as well.

every one of those comments is gone now, and the thread is closed, leaving behind only shiny happy people holding hands.

no a big surprise though.

Comment Posted By mike d On 2.04.2007 @ 02:40

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