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Now stop erasing this

There we go again.
Right on cue.

More spin. More "it's Clinton's Fault"...More...."No it's all great in Iraq...we're defeating al quaeda."

Last I read Al Quaeda was stronger than ever and recruiting by the thousands. I guess in FoxNews world we really are defeating them.

What liberal outlet said that? Oh...The National Intelligence Estimate said that "Al Quaeda is resurgent and stronger than ever." It is a matter of public record. So did Richard Clarke who served under Reagan, Bush 41 and for a while GWB. So does Michael Scheuer, the guy who discovered Al Quaeda.

Sorry my friend but three hand picked teams of weapons experts, one led by David Kaye, one by Hans Blix and one by a physicist who heads the IAEA could not find one sustainable piece of evidence that Saddam had an assembly line of any kind going on WMDs. No heavy nuclear particle chemical precursors...nothing. De nada. Zip.

No evidence for the reason why we went to war.

The weapons they found were a few negligible shells filled with old inert Sarin and VX gas that WE SOLD THEM to fire at the Kurds.

Were those shells the reason we marched into Iraq?

We did not find WMDs.

Gas price did not start rising 8 years ago. They went from $1.50 a gallon to $3.00 in one year.

My two sons are in Iraq. One is there for his third time. And he says it's worse and worse and worse. Not better. His buddies say it's a lost cause they're Marines.

You are going to sit here and lecture me that one can just put his hands in his pocket and walk down any street in Baghdad? Our own senators couldn't do it without a contingent of mercenaries. There are still about 3 hours a day of electricity in Al Anbar province. Journalists cannot leave the Green Zoner without guard.

That's all good?

More Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion than Saddam killed and you're defending this.

You're also an example of the problem. The repsonse to Katrina was not a Democratic problem. Republicans had the WH, the Senate and Congress and couldn't save a single perrson and despite all Bush's promises about helping katrina, it's all been a big unfulfilled promise.

If you want to take back the lead again, you have to face what you have done, be able to say "this war was a mistake," just like Scott McClellan. You have to admit it, say it's wrong and apologize before anyone will ever trust you again.

The economy, the war, the horrid health care Americans get, the poor education, that's conservatism.

Comment Posted By may On 28.05.2008 @ 17:04

I had this discussion with my father who is lifelong Reagan conservative.

He said "what's wrong with us?" meaning Republicans.

I told him "You are not able to hear the answer. Beacuse the answer is so hard to hear, you have decided to live in another world. In your bubble world, the fact that we found no WMDs is an old issue, the fact that 4000 US are dead and 50 thousand injured is just too bad because we are at war and they volunteered. The incredible debt we are under is hardly ever addressed and no one in the administration seems able to apologize for any mistake at all."

Republicans are unable to look in the mirror and see where we are and take any responsibility for it at all. Every bad thing is Bill Clinton's fault and every good thing is a spin on something else that's really not going very well. Bad news is covered up and spun and good news has to be manufactured. ( For example "Good news Americans only 40 US soldiers died last month in Itaq and only 300 were wounded...a great improvement over a year ago...") You think that would be good news. But for most of us it's just something you started that sucks that now sucks slightly less. And you want to be patted on the back for this negligibly improved but still quite bloody blunder.

But 9/11 happened on your watch. Katrina is a Republican mess. Iraq is a Republican war and it is a disaster guys. I mean it's a blooody expensive disaster. $4.00 gas, a President who has to go crawling to the loathesome Saudis to ask for a little help, I mean this is Republicanism in all all its glory. Torture, incompetence, cover ups, staunchly anti-gay voting but secretly Gay congressmen, attacking opponents personally, Ann Coulter and Rush Limlbaugh and Mona Cahron insulting personal attacks.

You have Republican representatives who want the 10 commandments in every courtroom but can't recite more than three themselves. You have Right wing radio talk show hosts comparing Democrats to Neville Chamberlain but can't giveone iota of factual context.

It's hard to say what ails Conservatism. I wouldn't call this group conservatives. I would call them extremists. I think in some ways Retire05 is your problem. He is a reactionary who fills the comment threads with passionate fact-free retorts filled with condescending slings and arrows.

But he not only cannot see anything Bush has ever done wrong, every point of view he disagrees with is a "defeatist" or a "coward" or some other perjorative.

Not exactly an intellectual, but that doesn't stop him from being by far the most vocal of the group here, and in a way it he is a perfect microcosm of your problem.

Comment Posted By may On 28.05.2008 @ 00:38


Guess who said this?

"the American people can look back at the track record of George Bush, supported by John McCain, and say to themselves, let’s see, we were told that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There were none. We were told that we would be there relatively briefly. We have been there over five years. We were told that this would cost maybe 50 billion, 60 billion.

We are now on $600 billion. We were told this would make us safer and that this would be a model of democracy in the Middle East. Hasn’t turned out that way. We were told this would not serve as a distraction in Afghanistan. You have Bin Laden sending out videotapes, today. And our own intelligence estimates say that Al Qaeda is stronger now in Afghanistan and in the foothills of Pakistan than in anytime since 2001. And Iran is stronger now than before we invaded. So the American people are going to look at the evidence and they are going to say to themselves, you know, we don’t get a sense that this has been a wise foreign policy or a tough foreign policy or a smart foreign policy. This has been a policy that often times has been revolved around a lot of bluster and big talk but very little performance. What the American people want right now is some performance."

Comment Posted By may On 17.05.2008 @ 17:52


im a muslim and im not a terrorist p.s i dint read any of the above

Comment Posted By may On 14.11.2005 @ 15:23

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