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"Now I have come to realize, there is something very scary and dangerous about such a large segment of your population that will tolerate so much suffering on the backs of others in order to advance their political power"

are you talking about conservatives? Because as evidenced by Liberals vocal opposition to the war, opposition to Bush policies which favor a selected few, and opposition to the failure of government when they don't act to save people...I would say we aren't not tolerating it.

Comment Posted By matt t On 10.09.2005 @ 14:24

The worst part about this article is that not one example was given thus rendering the whole point as another baseless diversion. Put up or shut up.

I urge you all to actually read the Federal Response Plan which allows (hell mandates) the feds to proactively provide a response to disaster without waiting for the state. It was activated yet not followed. And the charges that State officials denied Red Cross entry don't hold up when you know that it was state DHS officials who are under the direction of FEMA.

As for the "Dems are trying to captilize on this" line of bullcrap. Limbaugh alone has used Katrina to attack environmental laws, public housing, welfare, poor people and Democrats. Pat Robertson saying "And I think they know that, so, I mean, Judge Roberts can, maybe, you know, be thankful that a tragedy has brought him some good." Please.

Comment Posted By matt t On 10.09.2005 @ 09:35

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