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Addendum: I propose her as a running mate. And I meant to type "not above stealing" instead of "stilling." Haste is the bane of web writing.

Comment Posted By Mahone On 30.07.2008 @ 12:27

Snowball has the vote of my cats, and that's a substantial block vote. Seeing that cats have a natural nurturing instinct, Snowball should appeal to women; however, being all white might a drawback. To remedy that, I propose Pumpkin, my all black female. Not only will it sexually balance the ticket, Pumpkin is self-sufficient -- thereby appealing to the Libertarian crossover crowd -- and she a ferocious hunter. I've seen her kill a rabbit, mole and lizard in one day; hence, she would appeal to the southern vote. As well, she still manages to sleep nearly 22 hours a day, demands I feed her though she's capable of feeding herself, and is not above stilling food from the other cats: This will give her appeal for cross-over democrats. Her resume' is available upon request.

A most worthwhile candidate to be sure. Compatibility is the key, however and we know how that goes!


Comment Posted By Mahone On 30.07.2008 @ 12:25


(comment cut off accidentally; here's the whole thing)

I took a poll of my seven furry felines sociopath with the following results:
One right-wing reactionary
Three Libertarians
One anarchist
Two non-participatory in political processes (or in little else, aside from eating, that takes more than minimal effort)

I'm proud to say, that after carefully questioning them on a variety of topics -- including but not limited to economics, social policy, foreign policy, national defense, the constitutional right to bear arms, and federal vs. state and local responsibility for hurricane relief -- I found nary a socialists-democrat or communist among them. Being practical and individualistic creatures, they express perplexity at liberal support of both programs and people who don't work. So, what to do about hunger? I asked. "Let them eat mice," Pumpkin said.

Oh, they were more or less united on one thing; since any time anything happens in America a poll is taken to determine what our superior European brothers think of us -- always with negative results -- we should legalize the hunting of pollsters.

Oh, and they all agreed that we should immediately nuke all the wheat-gluton factories in China. If nothing else, do it for the kittens, mewed a pleading voice from the crowd. I suspect someone has been watching CNN behind my back.

Comment Posted By mahone On 18.04.2007 @ 07:24

I took a poll of my seven furry felines sociopaths with the following results:
Four Libertarians
One anarchist
Two non-particpatory in political processes

Comment Posted By mahone On 18.04.2007 @ 07:21

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