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what's this source?? Tell me more about the «Strategy page» it a blog?

What I mean is you all very well know that Irak wasn't the primary threat after 9-11 guys...that's all and that's what your admin hasn't been able to tell you in order to prevent any more dissentment in the country...

Comment Posted By live from montreal On 7.04.2006 @ 07:48

Sorry but we all damn well know that Saddam had nothing to do with AL-Q or any terrorists...Saudi Arabia however, is not quite white... Irak was not linked to terrorists...that the main propaganda line to sell it to Americans...

Hope you would've know that by now!

Comment Posted By live from montreal On 7.04.2006 @ 07:36

First time I read your comments on Irak...

I understand you're a real patriot and I respect that.

I'm just wondering if you could be bought by the bull of crap they sold you to get in there?

Amongst any other land in earth where there's war, starvation, genocide or whatever else, why would your administration sell you this particular one?

Of course, I believe you don't see short terms with this and by doing so, you bear the fact that America lied to the world in order to achieve obejtives they simply didn't want to back by words...;

The administration wanted a good step in the region to implant a long term base that would be more than useful in the future. They went there because they thougt it was the most strategic and EASY place to get in. Let's face it, Saddam was a pretty easy one compared to any others around him.

So, the question is : Why did this weak admin had to lie to the entire world? Was it worth the take? You tell me.

Comment Posted By live from montreal On 6.04.2006 @ 23:05


This Logan starts to ressemble more and more like Lyndon Johnson, whom created a war to stay in the ovale office...those writers know their history...Or would that be a Bush shutting down towers to re-inforce his position?! Anyway, those three Pres all have a thing in common : they were very weak in their first days in office...

Comment Posted By live from montreal On 4.04.2006 @ 11:42

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