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I personally think I am dreaming this. I expect to wake any minute and discover that I have a probe plugged into the back of my head... wait a minute, I think that was a movie I saw.

As Morpheus aptly put it... what is reality?

Comment Posted By lionheart On 11.07.2009 @ 19:41


Money and organization wins elections. Usually they go hand in hand, and Romney has both.

However, I think Palin has the ability to exceed Romney's campaign contributions, once she declares and starts campaigning. But all is lost if she doesn't start organizing... thus her gubinatorial resignation.

I think that Romney would be the stronger candidate, so I hope she sits the next one out. Fat chance.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 9.07.2009 @ 12:10


Bravo for President Obama! He's finally on the right side of something!

I'll bet you a bottle of good scotch that the subsidies don't get cut. Farming is a powerful lobby, and money talks.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 7.07.2009 @ 11:25


jharp, your ignorance is overwhelming. 1) You accuse tea party participants of being Obama haters (without proof, as if your pronouncement of it being true makes it true), when the invective you spew towards Bush makes you a hypocrite of the highest order; 2)You are poorly educated on both economics and current events. Obama cut taxes already? Wow! When did that happen? And when did overcoming debt occur from increasing productivity? When you charge up your credit card, does it get paid off because you are more productive at work? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Debt is reduced when it is paid off. There are many ways to do that (stop spending, increase taxes, or some combo of the two), but simply increasing production is not a cure-all, especially when your idea of a production increase it a bunch of make-work programs that employ bodies, but produce nothing (i.e. government jobs). 3) Conservatives abandoned the party when Bush abandoned conservative principles. We were harshly critical of Bush's unfettered spending, just as we are now critical of Obama's.

And your silly use of the word "teabagger" highlights your immaturity.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 7.07.2009 @ 13:51


I'm about half way between you and Stacy. She was clearly unprepared, and she was clearly on a losing and poorly managed team. But the biggest cause of the portrait presented of her to the public was the press's seething hatred of her.

As far as Obama goes, you are correct- he's heading for a 1 term presidency. I've compared him to Carter for over a year, and it is a valid comparison in many ways, on many levels. I even predicted Obama's falling approval numbers (in your blog comment section), and warned Michael Reynolds to gloat while he can, because I'll be the one gloating soon.

On the other hand, its kind of tough to gloat when your country is being weakened, your taxes are being raised, the economy is being wrecked and your children's futures are mortgaged. So I won't gloat, I'll just say "I told you so".

Comment Posted By lionheart On 1.07.2009 @ 12:08


Bravo... well said.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 29.06.2009 @ 09:37


Rick, we almost beat the Brazillians! Fantastic.

Mike Giles: professional basketball players under 6'4" are extremely rare. Most starting point guards (college or pro) are 6'5" or taller. They just look short standing next to Shaq.

You are correct about football players- there are a handful in the 5'10" to 6'2" range. Only... those guys can run the 40 in about 4.2 seconds.

I would be surprised if there are more than 10 MLB players under 6 ft.

Professional sports is a tall man's game. Except for cycling and soccer.

Re: Brazil vs. US: The US is not even in the top 30 in the world as far as national teams are concerned. I think they will get better before next summer's World Cup but not enough to challenge any team in the top 10. Brazil sleep walked through the 1st half and exposed our many weaknesses in the second half. Our midfield play - with one or two exceptions - is subpar. We don't have a left back. Individual skills compared to the Brazilians and most other top sides are a joke. What the US side has is tremendous speed and excellent teamwork. And a world class goalie doesn't hurt. I like our coach, Bradley, a lot better than Arena. He seems more aggressive on offense which is a big difference from Arena's shell game at the last World Cup.

All that may be enough to advance to the round of 16 depending on the other teams drawn for our Group. Anything beyond that would be a startling upset.


Comment Posted By lionheart On 30.06.2009 @ 06:52

Oops, just read "funny man's" comment... he beat me to the punch.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 29.06.2009 @ 05:58

I have another good reason why Americans should love this game: you don't have to be 6'5" and weigh 240 lbs. to suceed. It seems like every other sport (except cycling) require a large frame to even make the team, and certainly to excel at a professional level. And since most Americans are not large (excluding their waists), smaller athletes can go farther in this gaem.

While tall soccer players will out-jump the smaller athletes (a huge advantage on corner kicks), there are advantages to being smaller, quicker and having a lower center of gravity. You rarely see those advantages in any other sport. It also seems to me (just my observation) that the great ball handlers in soccer are smaller guys.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 29.06.2009 @ 05:57


Here's my guess... Rick knows a lot more about music (and possibly dance) than he is letting on. I'm guessing that Rick is classically trained, probably did some theatre, maybe did a little dancing (my guess tap or ballroom). Come clean Rick... your MJ critiques are too technical for a layman. I seem to (vaguely) remember a previous post where you "confess" to a theatre background... am I remembering correctly?

Comment Posted By lionheart On 26.06.2009 @ 19:40

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