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Nice break from politics!

I have found out first-hand how difficult farming is... I planted my first garden a couple of years ago, and between the bugs, drought, heat, and my ignorance, I produced nothing worth eating. My wife has mandated that from now on, I only get to try fruit trees (which grow like weeds here in Jupiter, FL- mango, avacado, and banana).

Thanks for the reminder to reflect on the hard work and knowledge of the American farmer.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 21.08.2009 @ 11:37


1) Imbeciles
2) Liars
3) Insane
4) Insane lying imbeciles.

This is actually a pretty good description of Obama. Which, by the way, is the reason for the hatred of Obama. You have wrapped him in a cloak of invincibility by stating that all hatred of him is because of race. I don't think that makes you a liar, or insane, but I'm pretty sure it makes you an imbecile.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 21.08.2009 @ 06:18


They lie about everything

Ridiculous. You display the petulance of a child.

then bring guns to dem political events

All of us do, right? We're all packing our heat. Waiting for Armageddon. At least we'll be ready.

I have no more desire to debate them on any level about anything.

Sounds like somebody is taking their toys and going home. Wahhhhh, wahhhhhh, wahhhhhh. If you don't want to debate us anymore, WTF are you doing here?

Comment Posted By lionheart On 19.08.2009 @ 15:32

Comrade Stuck, its not Armageddon if the bill is truly budget related. Tax cuts are as budget related as a bill can be.

However, I am not defending it. It's a loophole that should never be utilized. It was wrong then, and its wrong now. "It's dem's turn"? Please don't justify bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 19.08.2009 @ 12:07

"Reconciliation" as described leaves 48% of the country without representation. Perhaps the bill has new life, but these poll numbers (and especially the trend) still make it doubtful:

Comment Posted By lionheart On 19.08.2009 @ 07:31


Michael Reynolds:

I did think that was one of my more clever retorts.

And soup? I wouldn't dare suggest comparing a fellow citizen to a Nazi (upon penalty of banishment by Rick), but are you trying to tell Republicans "NO SOUP FOR YOU"?

I know, that's pretty weak humor, but I'm supposed to be working, and its tough being creative when you have to keep hitting the "boss" key.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 17.08.2009 @ 11:50

They’ll call it the Ted Kennedy Health Care Reform.

Heh. And coyotes will talk, and snakes will fly. You really are good at fiction, Michael.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 17.08.2009 @ 07:10

Nice try on the spin, Michael Reynolds... try selling that gold-sprayed turd to Chris Matthews, or Olbie... they'll buy it... nobody here will.

This is pure and simple a disaster for Obama. Chicago politics don't play well outside of Chicago. Lesson learned? You better hope so, or 2010 will be a 40 seat pickup for this "party in shambles" that you keep trolling, er... commenting about.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 16.08.2009 @ 20:21


Chuck, he really meant it the second time... well, 3 paragraphs later (in reference to comments 9 and 10) :-)

Comment Posted By lionheart On 14.08.2009 @ 13:42

Michael Reynolds, Rick must have a big garage. Obama's favorability and job approval ratings are nose-diving (last count, dipping under 50%). More people now trust the R's over the D's with health care and the economy- a huge swing in just 2 months. I think it is your party that is in the most trouble. Read all the good news here:

You spend most of your time here telling us how dire the Republican party's fate has become. I think with a large percentage of Dem's either under indictment, caught evading taxes, admitting that they don't read the bills they sign, taking phone calls while being asked questions by constituents, telling their constituents how lucky they are to have them, jetsetting boondogles for themselves and their families on the public dime... Maybe you should consider helping your own instead of trolling here, pretending to try to help us.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 14.08.2009 @ 12:49

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