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Clearly, the president gets an “A” for effort in seeking to engage the Iranians in talks to avoid war over the stockpile of enriched uranium held by the mullahs.

I'd give him a B-... he could have bowed before them, and given another speech on how awful and prideful we Americans are.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 28.12.2009 @ 13:09


I do not deny that there is racism in America. Some whites hate some blacks, some blacks hate some Hispanics, some Hispanics hate... you get the idea.

But to lump blatant racism in with an entire political party (as the resident troll does) is as stupid as blatant racism itself. I have hundreds of conservative friends and acquaintances, most of whom have donated to and/or lined up to support Allen West (I live in Palm Beach County and work as a weekend volunteer for his campaign). Is Colonel West a "special negro"? Do we hate Obama because he's black, but put our magic white-skin glasses on when we work to get Colonel West elected? Perhaps the rest of the country's conservatives are different than Florida, but neither I nor any of my friends hate Obama because of his skin color. I don't hate him at all- but I sure hate what he is doing to this country.

So you'll have to pardon me for scoffing at fools that have the knee-jerk reaction of accusing me of racism when I criticize Obama. Furthermore, you'll have to forgive me if I think the liberals that accuse conservatives of being "filled with hate and rage" are hypocritical assholes. Never in the history of our country has more hate, rage, and gnashing of teeth been directed towards a president than the last 4 years of Bush 43.

One last thing: you and I clearly are on different email distributions and watch different news shows. On my children's life, I swear that I have no idea what you are talking about with the "curious George" comment. As far as racist jokes or cartoons, I have probably received two dozen or so in the past 18 months, most of those from a single person. So my question to you is this: do you really get that much racist email, or are you projecting as fact something you've heard. And if you are getting racist email, perhaps you should consider "unfriending" the offending party.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 22.12.2009 @ 13:42

I could have told you what Obama is: ruthless, suave, unflappable, intelligent, patient and secure.

You and Chris Matthews. I wouldn't want to be around either of you if Obama actually touched you. Your schoolgirl crush on him is pathetic.

Continuing the daydream:

the jobless number will come down. We’ll have a recovery coming off a stronger-than-expected Christmas. (The stock market is already up.) More banks will pay back their TARP funds. Fewer mortgages will default than we fear.

I hope you're right, but I'm pretty sure you're not.

As far as your list goes, there is nothing there that makes your point. Every military decision has been reluctantly agreed to, politicized, and is usually too little and/or too late (e.g. McChrystal asks for a minimum of 30K, the great military genius Obama decides that he knows better, and after months of delays, gives him 25K). Steering clear of the public option? You've got to be kidding me. Unfortunately for him, there are these things call "video records" of his commitment to a single-payer system (not being aware of that simple fact seems to support my assertion of unremarkable intelligence).

But what I love most is the invocation of the racism ad hominem, thus proving that Godwin's Law does indeed have racism corollary.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 22.12.2009 @ 09:03

He is a reckless, arrogant ideologue who is so concerned with his legacy and his place in the history books, that he is willing to foist this very bad bill on the American people and damn the consequences.

Furthermore, he's a pathetic narcissist of seemingly unremarkable intelligence that is so accustomed to having his flank covered by Chicago goons that he still doesn't understand how deep a hole he has dug for himself, his party, and sadly, his country.

Funny how this site's troll-in-chief, as partisan and ideological as anybody I have ever read, is so comfortable accusing you of seeing what you "want to see and need to see". It's always someone else, never them, huh? Tu quoque seems appropriate.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 21.12.2009 @ 20:10


we should clear out our offices and let the kleptocrats have it.

Better yet, let them build their own goddamn building- preferrably in Seoul, right on the DMZ. Convert the existing UN building to high priced NY apartments. The yearly income alone would make a big dent in the national debt. Of course, Charlie Wrangle gets a couple of floors for free.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 21.12.2009 @ 13:48


I'm glad you're staying conservative... CommiewingNuthouse just doesn't work for me (or was it going to be RightwingCommieHouse?). I'll toast your decision with a large glass of Stoli, no ice.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 15.12.2009 @ 13:05


Michael Reynolds writes:

So they can favor gun control? Can they be pro-choice? Can they be for gay marriage? Can they favor some higher taxes? Can they support a public option?

Let's turn that around Michael: so you think that Democrats are allowed in the party where they are NRA members? They're pro-life? They are in favor of the traditional definition of marriage? They favor cutting taxes? They see a public option as an additional tax on anybody that already pays taxes?
Everything you propose to convince the weak-minded readers of this blog that Republicans are the "party of exclusion" is true in the converse for the Democrats. Let me answer the questions for you, in the manner of "anon"... no, no, no, no, no.

Democrats are the party of exclusion, and America is waking up to it. Let's get together for a glass of good port and a Cohiba on November 3rd of next year. Loser buys.

Good luck with your proselytizing... I personally think you're wasting your time with Rick (not exactly weak-minded). Maybe you should check out Charles Johnson over at LGF.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 3.12.2009 @ 20:41

Why is it that you believe that far-right ideology will be less successful than far-left ideology? Why does that which worked for the Democrats (hyperbole, demagoguery) not work for Republicans? I'm not saying it is the right thing to do for either party, but your concern is stated ("primary beef") that permanent minority status is the ultimate destination for this tact. Will you at least admit that the Democrats played this strategy to success? And if so, why should the Republicans not do it?

This strategy, while quite vulgar to you, is working: polls are showing the partisan gap is now at 3% and shrinking every month (5% last month). Republicans kicked ass in New Jersey and Virginia, and a no-name conservative nearly won with no funds, little time to campaign, and both the Democrats AND the Republicans national committes working against him.

Object if you want to the tactics on priciple, but stop denying it's effectiveness. "Permanent minority status" is a cliche now- Republicans will clearly close the gap next November, and there is at least a chance (remote right now, but Obama still has plenty of time to f*ck things even more) that the House could have a Republican Speaker.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 3.12.2009 @ 12:15


You also should have pointed out that CJ has a personal vendetta against McCain for demonstrating what a fool he (CJ) is. Too many links to post, but you really should read some of them- total annihilation.

Comment Posted By lionheart On 2.12.2009 @ 16:49


It astounds me that the entire world seems to focus on every mis-step, mis-statement, or assumed ignorance by this woman, while ignoring the almost daily blunders by (possibly) the most vapid, inexperienced, naive, and narcissistic man that has ever held public office. Is she an economics whiz? No. Is Obama? Hell no. Is she out of touch with reality? Not sure (you seem to be sure she is). Obama? Yep. Is she a bald-faced liar that makes shit up as she goes and is never criticised by the media for bogus claims and inflated numbers? No. Obama? Hell yes.

She may be bad for the party, and her suggestions may not work, but she's not saying anything that every other conservative pol (and most liberals) hasn't said at one time or the other. But for some reason, you feel the need to pick apart everything she says, point by point. I don't remember you doing that to anybody else, including Obama (yes, you have criticised him plenty of times, but a I don't remember any collages of statements being disected to demonstrate his ignorance or state of being "out of touch").

Comment Posted By lionheart On 19.11.2009 @ 09:33

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