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Howzabout that 3rd game? GO CUBS!

Diehard Cubs Fan Club motto: In defeat we are indomitable, in victory we are insufferable.

Can't go against the rules, there, can we? (Okay, we can in our lucid moments, but how often do those moments come around, nowadays?)

Comment Posted By leucanthemum b On 3.07.2006 @ 16:36


Does anybody else see the separated-at-birthedness of Chloe and Miles? Just think back to the first time we met Chloe, and how truculent and annoying she was... every order she was given caused her to say, "why?" She would also usually explain how she could accomplish some task through her super-duper-geek powers, instead of actually doing it, or brag about what techie talent got the data they were looking for... just like Miles (okay, just like every tv geek, but especially so with Miles this past hour). When crossed, they both put on that pouty face.

Miles is Chloe's evil, testosterone-deprived twin, and we'll see DNA proof in the final hour of this day.

Comment Posted By leucanthemum b On 3.05.2006 @ 15:31

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