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Sue D. says:

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, she couldn’t swallow (saliva yes, food & water no,) she would have aspirated food & water and died (a much worse sort of dead than dehydrating her, surely), blah blah blah."

Culture of life, indeed. Or is this the authoritative onsite medical opinion that startlingly unveils the errors in the autopsy and years of diagnosis and treatment. Hey!!! Terry never needed the feeding tube!!!!

Comment Posted By les On 16.06.2005 @ 16:41

I appreciate seeing a reasoned look, and look back, at this emotional situation. I disagree with some things you believe, generally regarding the "best" decision making level to resolve these matters; but I surely believe we could talk about it without doing violence. However, you lost me more than a bit when you cite LawShawn Barber approvingly; especially "For me, the whole tragedy surrounding Terri and the people who wanted her dead didn’t hinge on how severely brain-damaged she was. She was alive and wasn’t on life support". This is exactly the demonizing (if you disagree with me you are a murderer!!!) and distortion (if being unable to live without a feeding tube is not life support, Ms. Barber's definition is far from mine) that prevents discussion. The casual and incredibly demeaning assumption that anyone intentionally and willfully "killed" Terry Schiavo, particularly from someone with no personal connection to anyone involved, is disgusting.

Comment Posted By les On 16.06.2005 @ 16:04

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