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One has to wonder why the Chinese wanted to know who was in charge at CTU. Milo obviously wanted to protect Nadia, but was shot dead for his effort. So did Daddy Bauer have some reason to ice CTU leader? Btw, I do hope that our govt. has better safeguards to protect assets than CTU seems to ever have.

And why are we worried about the Russians. The computer part Chinese took was provided by a renegade Russian General who shipped suitcase nukes to US to wreak havoc. Could the Russians really match us in a contest of mass destruction?

Comment Posted By leila butler On 8.05.2007 @ 16:10


I thought Muir was on point, but I'm sure the left will take umbrage. So what? We have all sorts of double standards in the media. One apologist for Rosie O'Donnell said her use of f word and her grabbing of crotch while telling Donald Trump to eat her was ok because it was before a private group (awardees included women still in teens). Speaking of Rosie's "firing" by ABC, I think people have it bass-ackwards. Disney offered her 10 mil a year for 3 years and she only wanted to commit to one year. So just where will she end up spewing her venom and seeking to boost sHrillary for President. And is there some kind of mass psychosis out there? Many women I know adore Rosie and Hillary on the same order they worshipped Bubba. I recall one of NOW's hags stating publicly she would love to give Bubba a bj herself as such strong men have strong appetites. Anyone else would have been pilloried for the boss/young underling sexual trysts.
Perhaps a compromise slate of Hillary and Obama would retain the bloc black voting? It does seem the far left prefers the Breckgirl though. One would hope that and soros don't actually manage to pull it off.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 26.04.2007 @ 09:06


Listened to two guys in sports bar arguing about recent choices for NBA league MVPs. One thinks they are merely seeking to drum up more white support for the league. I like to think it is meritocracy and the cream rises to the top. Should be no problem throughout life if certain groups are better at some things. I can't figure why there should be any kind of quotas. If 80% of basketball players are black, how does that turn into 80% of coaches should be black? Asians are very bright and I certainly don't begrudge them that. I don't see things so much in black, white, yellow or fray, but rather cultural differences. If anyone, regardless of color, works their ass off and succeeds, that is a good thing.
Would like to hear any opinions about the story of NBA ref losing his cool and being removed through the playoffs. I thought they had unlimited influence on what they called and who they picked on or gave a pass regarding fouls on the court.

Off topic and spoiler alert from : was just reading that 24 will have love scene sometime in a new arc beginning with Monday's episode. A Wash. lobbyist hooks up with Daniel's asst., Kari Matchett. New actor is Michael Shanks from Stargate.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 21.04.2007 @ 12:32


It's just a TV show and how many books, movies, etc. do we suspend belief on and manage to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride? I think the #1 rated show is still CSI Las Vegas. And yet I look forward much more to 24. Something like American Idol would make me retch. I often hear HBO praised to high heaven, but Rome did not float my boat. The Sopranos sparkles, but is nearing the end. Others laud Battlestar Gallactica. I found it sucky. I guess I might my number one pick The Shield right now. And of course if you look around you'll see people praising Rosie O'Donnell as a seeress and a fountain of great knowledge and virtue. Even Keith Olbermann has his fans.
In any case, it looks like Kiefer will be around on 24 for quite some time. I doubt I'd bother watching if Ricky Schroeder took over the reins. I know Bauer's daughter is not much of an actress, but don't understand the criticism heaped on Audrey. I'd like to see more of Jack's dad and some resolution there. Would even be great to see William Devane again.
I, too, never bought the second Palmer presidency and loathe his lawyer sister and that irritating blonde national security advisor. concerned with rights of everyone but Americans. Screw European sensibilities and the UN.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 18.04.2007 @ 10:53


Newt Gingrich has right idea... bomb their sole oil refinery and block any ships carrying gasoline from entering Iranian ports. Why do we fear Iran's military? Saddam did ok against them in the eighties. I personally think Israel alone could handle the whole of Arab and Persian hordes. Of course that might entail turning Mecca into a glass parking lot and would UN-pc plus upset Pelosi and Reid and the moonbats.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 29.03.2007 @ 12:43


#11 well duh, as the Washington Post and WSJ point out: Bipartisan Senate Intelligence committee itself said ALL of Wilson's Niger claims and wife BS was false. Of course you L3s will believe whatever you wish.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 7.03.2007 @ 18:25

I note the amount of attention this case got from the media and the prosecution. I guess Sandy Berger is seen as a true innocent for his memory lapses walking away with national security secrets, hiding them, etc.
Ditto for the way Willam Jefferson with the freezer full fo cash has been babied and supported to be on House Intelligence committee.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 6.03.2007 @ 19:32

What a crock of spit! This was a political show trial. James Taranto of Best of the Web Today from WSJ spells it out right. Virtually all of Joe Wilson's claims were shown to be false.

Libby should have avoided all the crap by just pulling a sHrillary and saying he couldn't remember, can't recall, has no memory of anything at all.

If real criminals get pardoned with not ever facing actual jeopardy (see marc rich), I see nothing wrong with libby getting pardoned here. Let the Kos Kids/Huffs howl.

Comment Posted By leila butler On 6.03.2007 @ 17:56


And I don't see why mutant troll wankers feel the need to rain on Rick Moran's great analysis with their nattering negativism. I suppose some feel the need to express an opinion and exercise free speech. I find myself watching the show and voicing my displeasure or pleasure with various characters.
In any case, why bother making any effort to state you don't watch the show or ask why the blog owner is obsessed with the show? Why are some of you obsessed with drinking beer, beating your wives or having sex with your camel??

Comment Posted By leila butler On 20.02.2007 @ 17:36


President Wayne Palmer is a credit to the planet and Mankind. That nuke near LA didn't send him off half-cocked. We now realize that Congress was truly evil for declaring war on Japan, Germany and Italy after we lost less than 3,000 at Pearl Harbor. FDR should been hanged for what he did to Japanese-Americans. My god, how lame-ass can Palmer possibly be or Bush for that matter? We are at war with Islamofascists and our troops are subject to idiotic rules of engagement, Iran and Syria spit in our face with their forces killing Americans and much of the country wants to appease Islam.

And one has to wonder why CTU cannot keep an eye on the goofs running around inside at least. How many of the three remaining nukes will wreak havoc? Will whatever group that deposes Plamer suspend civil rights such as habeas corpus?
How come ACLU isn't suing show? Check out the nudity at also. Why so little skin and sex in 24 and where is Jack's daughter?

Comment Posted By leila butler On 13.02.2007 @ 17:42

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