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"a Democratic party whose fall campaign was bereft of ideas."

Nope, nope. Sorry. The single unifying campaign promise of the Democrats was to clean up the rancid cesspool of corruption and incompetence that is the Republican Party, and to restore accountability to a White House run by an imbecile and a delusional, paranoid psychotic. And how have they done? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. That is, of course, unless you actually approve of returning veterans being warehouse in urine-soaked, rat-infested shitholes upon their return from combat. Most Americans don't; nor do they like evidence of turning the U.S. Attorney's Office into a political hatchet squad for the White House.

"the far left who are whipping the cowed Democratic leadership toward the edge of the cliff."

Oh, but of course. The Republicans are DELIGHTED by the current investigations. Because the Democrats are heading for a political disaster of historic proportions, perhaps even bigger than the last one we were so warned about: the 2006 midterms. Thanks so much for the concern; we progressives are really grateful!!

Comment Posted By legaleagle On 14.03.2007 @ 17:41


Newt is the perfect complement to vicious authoritarian thugs like Cheney and Rumsfeld, and is the living embodiment of the corruption, the arrogance, and seething bigotry of the Republican Party. Naturally, he is adored by the lunatic rightwing fringe, and is reviled by everyone in the country with a conscience and innate sense of decency.

God, I pray the Republicans are stupid enough to contaminate the 2008 ticket with this loathsome reptile .

Comment Posted By legaleagle On 9.03.2007 @ 18:20


"How they get to that point will make Bosnia look like a picnic and Darfur pale in comparison. Tens of thousands of Sunnis killed with millions on the move as refugees. Utter, complete chaos and disaster."

Ahh, yes, an inspiring vision of triumph! Funny, I thought the objective of the "surge" had something to do with providing lasting political stability to the fragile young democracy of Iraq, not a transient lull in the Baghdad homicide rate while the death squads spread out over the rest of the country. But you keep right on declaring the "surge" an enormous success; I'm sure that'll remove the stench of total failure from the Republican Party by the time of the 2008 elections. Of course, you'll also have to devise some way to wipe the voters' memories clean of the most manifestly unfit human being ever to squat on a White House toilet, much less actually sit in the Oval Office. You may as well just relax and enjoy it: the Democratic Party will be running against George Bush for a generation.

Comment Posted By legaleagle On 14.02.2007 @ 23:32


Well, how really fascinating; a rightwing analysis of the situation in Iraq without any references to surrender, appeasement, cowardice, treason or cut-and-run. It's really almost disorienting. Rather ironic, too; if we'd seen this kind of approach from the Right for the past couple of years, or, indeed, even since the election, Bush could have certainly have gotten cooperation for the escalation he's trying to ram down the throat of the country now. But that, of course, would have meant acknowledging that that strategy in Iraq was wrong in the first place, an admission that is virtually unthinkable. After all, the war in Iraq was always secondary to - and, in fact, always driven by - the domestic war against Democrats, liberals, blacks, Mexicans, feminists, environmentalists, and the various other enemies of Republicanism. Accordingly, there was never an occasion when Bush didn't declare himself the Decider or Cheney announce that the administration doesn't give a rat's ass about what the Democrats think; when critics of the war weren't accused of appeasement, cowardice or treason; when - as with the State of the Union - smirking fratboy Bush didn't sink to the level of Bubblehead Malkin or Michael Savage, by referring to the "Democrat" Party; or just yesterday, in which lackey Tony Snow didn't once again try to tie Iraq to "the lessons of 9/11." They just can't help themselves; Bush's natural arrogance and vanity would never permit him to admit that he was actually wrong about Iraq (excluding the "mistakes were made" crap), that Saddam Hussein didn’t have a damn thing to do with the WTC attacks, and offer to enter a new strategic partnership with the Democrats.

Nope, Bush is just too petulant to give up the sleazy attacks on his perceived enemies. And now the chicken(hawks) have come home to roost. Sorry, but there's not a chance in hell the Democrats are going to put themselves on the hook and insulate the Republicans from political fallout, while the Decider keeps repeating the lies that got us into Iraq in the first place, and accusing the Democrats of appeasement and cowardice.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with Gil's conclusion when he notes, "Congratulations. This is the first time I see a Right Wing blog call it like it is in Iraq….. There is still some hope for you guys." I don't see any hope at all; what I do see is an appreciable sense of panic that being saddled with sole responsibility for Iraq may consign the Republicans to political exile, combined with the cynical attempt to pawn off some of that responsibility onto the Democrats. Good luck with that.

Comment Posted By legaleagle On 4.02.2007 @ 02:21

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