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Rick can mask it anyway he wants. But when he gets a post that doesn't praise him, Rick freaks out. In addition, he deletes posts, saying that they offend him personally. Yet Rick blasts away with insulting personal insults. And here is something from Rick stating he is: "a manly man with balls the size of Mount Rushmore and a penis that is so huge I must keep it hidden..." What?! Who writes like that? There is no reason for that...but Rick doesn't care. We are all stupid except for Rick. Nice job 'manly man'. No one can make you look any dumber than you do. And why did you name the WRONG blogger to begin with? Why? Keep your penis hidden, o great genius.

Comment Posted By jlnum03 On 9.06.2009 @ 19:30

I see that Rick deletes posts that require him to respond in an adult manner. I had pointed out in one post, using Rick's own words as examples, what I saw as his personal and hypocritical attack on Whelan...and that post was mocked, with Rick too scared to answer it. Another following comment was first posted, then deleted. Rick is too scared to let the rest of the audience here have a different point of view.

But that is Rick. Always ready to mock, insult, be sarcastic... always smarter than thou... But never ready to have an honest debate. Our Rick...a manly man.

Your comment was deleted for being totally non germane to the debate and for the fact that it was a personal attack on me - something I don't allow here. This one I allowed just to let everyone know what an idiot you are. How is my attack on Whelan "hypocritical?" Perhaps you are still having problems with reading comprehension.

And yes, I am a manly man with balls the size of Mount Rushmore and a penis that is so huge I must keep it hidden lest women pass out at the sight of it (I felt that arguing at your level would make you more comfortable.) This, compared to an anonymous twit whose ignorance is on display for all to see.

At any rate, no personal attacks on the host please. My house - don't like it, move along.


Comment Posted By jlnum03 On 7.06.2009 @ 23:41

By the way: Anyone who has read 'The Caine Mutiny', or seen the movie version with Humphrey Bogart, will find themselves developing sympathy for Captain Queeg. Queeg is a Naval officer who is ordered to bring order to an apparent slovenly and undisciplined small, battle-scarred destroyer minesweeper, during WWII. Eventually the officers and crew turn against Queeg. In the book/movie the officers of the Caine are shown as not appreciating the years of danger and hardship endured by Queeg, a career naval man. Their support would have prevented much of the troubles on-board the Caine. I am not comparing the attackers of Whelan to the snobs and jerks that attacked Queeg...but I could.

Hey! cappy anderson 3:16 pm
You said: Mr Whelan clerked for Scalia??!!!

What the heck does that have to do with anything? Why do you even ask such a DF question??!!!

Comment Posted By jlnum03 On 7.06.2009 @ 16:34

My. Rick sure loves to dish it out. And spends a lot of time getting his insults and words just right. But when he gets upset, watch out! Whelan has his POV and is entitled to it. He explained his reasons for what he did. But alas...Rick did not agree with Whelan and spent an enormous amount of invective and time attacking Whelan. Just read Rick's column and see all the usual smears and sly comparisons of Whelan to 'ignorant philistines'. And 'sneering, snarky, ignorant, racist-bigots-haters'. Big word, snarky. And it is just totally amazing that the brave and intelligent Rick manages to name the WRONG blogger! Just too eager, huh Rick? Just can't control that anger, huh Rick? You just got to prove to everyone that you are superior. Take it easy, pal. The world is not out to get you. Yes, you are a genius and perfect. Happy now?

Bwahahahahah - this is too good. The word "snarky" was used in conjunction with my critique of blog commenters, not Whelan. Perhaps when you pass that correspondence course in reading comprehension, someone might take what you say seriously. Until then, thanks for the chuckles.


Comment Posted By jlnum03 On 7.06.2009 @ 16:10

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