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Did you hear/read the same speech? She was very clear on why she was leaving. She was(with all the false claims) wasting the peoples money and time. In this day of the lack of money she is honoring(I know that's strange that someone in government would care, but she does)her oath to protect the people. It got to the point she could not do it, so she found someone that could. It was very clear, and frankly I applaud her for this selfless act, or how about this, for doing her job correctly! I don't think the left had a big effect(the horrible name calling)on her plans, even know they would love to think it was. You guys that think she should follow some rules of the past, are you blind to what is happening to our country? All rules are off the table this is war! Also I think when she listened to those troops she visited, I think they had a profound affect on her. This woman is a problem solver period. I am begging God to put her in charge of this country, the sooner the better!

Comment Posted By jann On 4.07.2009 @ 11:05


For Gods sake,
the christian right is not to be feared. for some people it is their belief that guides them. they don't want to take over your life, or change the way you think or act. they value and protect life period. that's where they stand. they aren't violent, mean, hateful or trying to change our whole system. everyone knows where they stand. i don't get the abortion fear??? I haven't heard anyone say they were going to take away our choice either way, i just have not heard that. this conversation has been going on for years and it has not changed. republicans have been in office several times. that said, when it comes down to everyday living who is going to affect our life? i don't want to pay any more taxes. i don't get the robin hood way of taxing the rich. 40% of the country do not pay taxes any way. personally i can't imagine how it got so upside down. everyone knows lowering taxes is a good thing, it creates more jobs. we also have to start drilling for oil, and we need different kinds of energy for our national security and we need it soon. we will have Alaska at our finger tips. last, close the border! protect me militarily and that's all the government i want in my life. sounds like a McCain ticket to me. i say that because i still don't know anything at all about Obama. the media is too busy pounding Gov. Palin to tell us anything, it's almost criminal what they are saying and doing. Why? for Obama? something is going on there and it's getting dangerous. think people!

Comment Posted By jann On 14.09.2008 @ 04:38

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