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Wish to report what I have seen today.

Standing in line at bank. CNN on TVs.

Announce that subject of tonight's Lou Dobbs is "DUBAI PORTS DEAL DEAD: BUSH PRESIDENCY SHIPWRECKED??????"

Should have known they would do this to us.

Suspicion of bias reinforced by commercial for forthcoming DVD edition of GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK.

Comment Posted By jakewashere On 10.03.2006 @ 13:12


Let's see. The Jews never really had any big massacres. The Christians had the Inquisition, but that was centuries ago, and they've apologized for it repeatedly... though I grant you apologies don't bring the wrongfully killed back to life.

But Muslims and unbelievers have a LOT of deaths and human misery to their record. The unbelievers have the Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, the Gulag Archipelago, etcetera etcetera etcetera. As for Islam - all one has to do is look around at the world today and see how many problems that particular belief system has caused, and by "problems" I mean degrading and violent deaths.

So draw your own conclusions. You probably will anyway.

Comment Posted By jakewashere On 12.01.2006 @ 16:34

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