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psychobable is not a proper use of "scientific terms"
in as much as one reveals oneself to be prejudiced and overgeneralizing and grouping people with opposing view points into categories and presuming to know what and how others think , is deepy sick and self rightous,also seems to be indicative of one who has certian insecturities and posses the need to attack what one dosn't understand and to defame and smear rather than looking at objective facts.
To allow oneself to be used as such a tool , is the ways and means of the propeganda machine. being such a cog you can be used in such a way to spread the hate and derision against those who would protect you and speak of reason. to maintain integrity when enimies aclimate against us is paramount in defeating them. to take a few odd people and to overgeneralize every one who has an opposing view to yours is a means to simplifying your own view point and degrading them makes you feel superior.
this is a bit sick.

again, to propose that you know how others think is just kind of sick
and self rightous, this is not to be mistaken as "truth".
In other words, you conviently lump americans who disagree with you . into catagories of crazies and so forth, but to truely understand , one must disregaurd the crazies and look for reason. you do yourself a disservice to regaurd all that have an opposing view as catagorized by a narrow band of obvious "lamers" shall we say. not every one who opposes your view, agrees with "farenheit 911" and takes it as gospel.They dont want to "lose " the war, they dont side with the jihadists. they are americans. I, for one, dont sympathize with terrorists just because they dont like bush, it dosnt meke me feel like i want them to win. nothing could be further from the truth and i wont spread the lie that americans want the enemy to win. I am above that.

with predjudice , you can never understand, your stereotypes are a hinderance to your understanding and only contribute to hate and misunderstanding.

Comment Posted By hotfoot On 1.10.2006 @ 14:24

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