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Before anyone takes a higher ground on the matter of values, kindly make sure you are on higher ground.

Condemning torture or other human rights violations by other countries while allowing such things to happen gives the Bush administration utterly no credibility when the value of human rights and freedom is mentioned.

Are conservative values good values when they divide people, ostracise minorities and other religions or deny basic freedoms to women such as the right to choose abortion?

Or does such good values include character assasination as could be seen by Bush-Roves campaigns against Republican McCain or Democrat Kerry????

Before people launch into any debate, please be clear about what exactly does being Liberal means. Jimmy sums it best in the West Wing Presidential debate as to why people are proud of being a liberal:

Comment Posted By hold on On 14.06.2006 @ 23:45

Conservative values are good values? So I guess that universal sufferage and equal rights for blacks are not good ones as they are liberal ideas?

Comment Posted By hold on On 14.06.2006 @ 23:35

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