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Unfortunately, the essence of politics is "Who gets What"! Congressman get elected to their positions by promising, and get re-elected, on their ability to deliver the most for their constituents. The only tangible thing that congressman can deliver to their constituents is money (in the form of projects and such). Alexis DeTouqueville in his book, "Democracy in America" (a must read) talks about the downfall of America and its democracy is when the citizenry realizes that it can draw from the public till. Unfortunately, that is what we are viewing with the burgeoning budget. Congressmen bribing their constituents for power from the public till and the citizenry expecting said bribe.

Comment Posted By hector On 18.10.2005 @ 10:03

(MORE THAN) 24 TILL "24"

Hate to say it, however, Tony will wind up pushing up daisies. They had the stereotypical I love you scene and that means he buys it. Now MayHunter says the teaser would suggest otherwise, however, it has become obvious that the writers are using double reverse strategery to make us think he is going to buy which makes us think he is not going to buy it but really means he is going to buy. But maybe the writers know that we are going to think this way and maybe therefore they go for the TRIPLE REVERSE STRATEGERY and Tony doesn't buy it.
Chloe and Edgar will get it on. I said it before and I will say it again, these computer geek guys like abuse. < > but, image Chloe in black leather with a cat of nine tails whipping naked fat geek Edgar bend over a double processor computer. < >
Sorry, just can't see Jack with Audrey. I really expected to see Jack with the blond from last season. Jack needs a stronger woman who is not going to act all hand-wrangling whenever Jack goes to work. Hopefully she is the mole because then she is out of the picture next season. Couldn't stand her.
Anyways, why can't more shows be this dramatic and thought provoking.
Take care

Comment Posted By hector On 23.05.2005 @ 07:59

24 TILL "24"

Speculation: Jack buys the farm, because he is distraught that he cannot hang on to a woman.
Next season, Chloe realizes she likes being a bitch with a gun and takes over as head of field operations. Edgar goes to a fat farm and loses weight so he can be a field operative as revenge for the killing of his mon and be with Chloe (we find out during next season that he secretly likes being beaten down by Chloe because she treats him like his mommy did). Tony and Michelle get back together for no other reason than no TV show is perfect. The mole is....the guy with the red Star Trek shirt and fake phaser in the background because he is angry about the network no re-upping Star Trek Enterprise.

Comment Posted By hector On 16.05.2005 @ 10:21


I love this show. While I know you want to know where SecDef is, remember, what is weeks to us is hours. I sure hope they take a couple of hours to decide to institute marshall law. Great discussion on torture and the rule of law. As a law enforcement officer, we joke about torture however, there is a slippery slope one must be mindful of. If we torture re: nukes, do we torture re: biowarefare, then guns, the drugs, etc. Where is the line?
I think the most exciting thing about this weeks show was the previews for next week which shows the return of President Palmer. Looks liKe President jellyfish might be able to get some instant backbone.

Comment Posted By hector On 19.04.2005 @ 08:47

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