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I think the role/persona of Morris is perfect as the ex-husband of Chloe. Seeing them together and his personality, smug and self-assured of his abilities, makes him being Chloe's ex and next season's love interest very believeable.

Comment Posted By Hector On 23.05.2006 @ 10:02

24 TILL "24"

Why is everybody agonizing about whether or not Evelyn and her nine year old daughter were killed? If the writers are true to the terrorist intent, of course they were killed. These are the same persons that have not problem letting loose nerve gas in a shopping mall (filled with non-working mothers and babies in strollers). Why would anybody hold hope for Evelyn. Are these the same persons that still think you can negotiate with terrorists? Wake up, dammit!

Comment Posted By hector On 22.05.2006 @ 08:10


My father used to tell me stories of having to pay a nickel or dime every week to go watch the matinee, however, it was mostly to see the next serial of Buck Rogers or some cowboy thriller. He used to tell of being so excited about the next serial. I never really understood that concept till this week.
Question: If Jack's use of a cell phone didn't hinder the flight, can I start using my cell phone next time I fly?
another point to ponder. I would hope that after 9/11, next time a guy flashes a gun at a would be "hi-jacker" there would be more than a half-hearted attempt by one guy to subdue to gunman.

Comment Posted By Hector On 2.05.2006 @ 09:03


In response to Jo (#15). Can't help but think that will be a plot twist next year. Chloe is in love with Jack. However, what will happen when Jack tells Chloe he cannot return that love. Will Chloe betray him as the woman spurned? Will she stand by her man? Will Jack take another near lethal hit for America and bed her to keep her happy?

Comment Posted By Hector On 25.04.2006 @ 16:40


I am now willing to bet that Evelyn is getting her information from the First Lady. would set up a classic wife/husband confrontation. Who else would have access to the President's private thoughts and possible e-mails. She has gone against him many times already and is always trying to get him to do the right thing.

Comment Posted By Hector On 4.04.2006 @ 12:17


I remember a trip to Mexico City in which I had a conversation with a Mexican taxicab driver. He informed me that the biggest mistake the United States ever made was to stop at the Rio Grande during the Mexican-American war. As long as the United States remains a vibrant economic powerhouse with opportunity and the Mexican political (corrupt)and economic situation stay the same, Persons from Mexico (and the rest of Latin America for that matter) will always wander north in search of the Promised Land. No fence will stop them and there is no political will to do so. If the U.S. really wanted to stop immigration at the border, due to the large border (and difficult terrain) that will result in the need to bring the military to bear on the problem, however, look where the vast majority of military bases are located; in the heart land (not strategic)of the United States. You would need to move them to border states. However, what Senator and Congressman, willing to actually do something about illegal immigration, will also be willing to give up the thousands of jobs and economic infrastructure which springs up around a military base, especially if the base is in his home state or district. It is already a major congressional battle to close a obsolete military base let alone a vibrant and large base with thousands of active troops that attract business and therefore jobs.

Onto another issue, you discuss the lack of cultural assimilation by new immigrants, either legal or illegal. It is my humble opinion, having seen this first hand, that while the first or maybe even thesecond generation of these immigrants are not making the move to assimilate or even learn English, you will find that the second, but definatly the third generation are doing so. I suspect, the vast majority of the young who attended these vast rallies where there for the day off from school.

Lastly, just because the thought of persons frothing at the mouth amuses me, you might be interested to know that there are major lawsuits occuring in the border states where Mexican families are pursuing class lawsuits to have the lands taken from their families long ago returned to them. Southwestern Texas ranches are under assault as well as Padre Island, Texas and even the famous King Ranch. I also recall reading about lawsuits occuring in Arizona and New Mexico. Makes one shudder to think what judge is sitting on the bench of those lawsuits.

Comment Posted By Hector On 30.03.2006 @ 17:00


Did you catch when Grandma Hayes stated that CTU lost 56 persons in the gas attack?

Comment Posted By Hector On 21.03.2006 @ 08:58


I have to agree with Audrey and Jack's decision to not allow the gas to be released. It was the one certainty they had.

I think the writer's missed a great opportunity to educate the American public. Nerve gas does penetrate the skin and is not just an inhalent. Also, nerve gas is an ugly kill. Violent convulsions which can result in one breaking their own bones and lots of frothing at the mouth, etc. People need to be shown that nerve gas is not a benign substance and people die peacefully. It is an ugly and violent death and there are people out there who have no problem letting this loose on an innocent, civilian population.

Comment Posted By Hector On 14.02.2006 @ 11:36


You missed the most obvious guarantee. Despite the loose threads, it will still be the best damn show on television and amongst all the drama, present issues for us to think about.

Comment Posted By hector On 16.12.2005 @ 13:30


I am not so sure that the President has failed to articulate a vision for his strategy or "failed to forcefully and consistently remind the American people of why we are in Iraq and what is at stake if we lose." The issue is how he chooses to communicate the strategy to the people. Bush has been consistent in his wanting to bypass a hostile media and take his message directly to the people. So he has made speech after speech on the issue of Iraq in "townhall" settings where his message is better received. Interestingly enough, while he bypasses the media, and doesn't reach a nation-wide audience, I do find myself getting his message, directly through postings of his entire speech on the Internet, than I would ever get through the MSM.

Comment Posted By hector On 1.12.2005 @ 08:10

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