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The 1918 influenza made an impression on those that survived. So much that their stories passed down to the next generation. Stories of strapping big farmers that got sick, laid in bed a day or two, went out to work in the fields or the dairy barn or what have you, and dropped dead. Stories of people who closed up their shop because they felt ill, went home, laid down in bed and were dead by nightfall.

Stories of healthy young soldiers in excellent condition who took sick in barracks, were carried to the fort hospital, and died during the same night.

Businesses were closed. Schools and universities sent the students and faculty home. Families stayed home, nursed their sick, buried them if need be, avoided going out much.

These weren't made up stories. They were real things that happened, and even those that were merely children of 5 or 8 years remembered them decades later.

Statistically this world is due for another nasty new influenza bug at least as dangerous as the one that swept around in 1968. But we could be due for one as bad as 1918.

What price "just in time" and "fully interconnected" economies, if nobody wants to go to the factory, the port, Wall Street, the bank, the mall, and other places?

Comment Posted By guntotingredneck On 31.07.2005 @ 20:07

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