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When the British were leaving Haifa they noted that the Arab quarter was being shelled “indiscriminately” to “intimidate” the Arabs. The prewar majority Arab population of Haifa was 55,000, after the war only 5000 remained. So now 60 years later the Palestinian version of Irgun fires rockets into Israel, gee I wonder where they got the idea that terrorism works. Begin was a member or Irgun and we talked to him, so why wouldn't we talk to Hamas?

Comment Posted By grognard On 10.01.2009 @ 18:41


When the Republican party came to power eight years ago they immediately did away with pay as you go and began deficit spending. So this now this is the party that will lead us to salvation with fiscal responsibility by practicing their “core values”? Hilarious, that would mean that the Republicans would only have to hold to their beliefs when they are in the minority, still doesn't solve the problem of who to vote for if you want real fiscal responsibility.

Comment Posted By grognard On 30.12.2008 @ 12:43


Right wing Israeli religious groups have laid claim to a wide swath of local territory in the belief that they have a divine right to recreate the kingdom of David. As a result settlement building has been criticized for decades by the Israeli left and both Republican and Democratic administrations for being contrary to the peace process. But who cares about the people being displaced, they have been living there for centuries but evidently their divine right is not as old as the Israeli divine right. When the Zionist movement was deciding where to build their state other alternatives to present day Israel were discussed, but they ended up where they did and it's too late to change things now. But this decision has consequences and one of them is that he people living there did not feel they should give up their land because Europeans felt guilty about their Antisemitism and the Holocaust. Not that I give the Palestinians a free pass either, they chose terrorism to right their wrongs and are now also justly reaping the consequences of their decisions. I don't care if Israel wants to kill Hamas babies, or if Hamas wants to kill Israeli babies we just don't need to subsidize it at over 2+ billion a year. Want to see middle east peace? Pull the subsidy and let the state of Israel come to grips with the true cost of constant warfare and the right wing desire for recreating their divinely ordained kingdom. And spare me the “good ally Israel” argument, they support us only as long as the money keeps coming, ultimately they act in their own interests and have always disregarded the U.S. when it suited them.

Comment Posted By grognard On 29.12.2008 @ 12:12


Phony intellectualism on the left, anti intellectualism on the right. There is an easy solution to all this, medical companies will state the scientific method they use to manufacture products or deliver care, evolution or I.D. People can sign up for what they want for both their medical and classroom needs. If I.D. is a real science there should be no problem with this since a real science will deliver many wonderful cures for every affliction known to mankind. On the other hand, if the I.D. people are wrong then we will get a lesson on evolution after the first flu season. But seriously, this discussion is a perfect example of why the conservative movement needs to dump the religious right and go their separate ways.

Comment Posted By grognard On 28.12.2008 @ 11:19


Obama has made moves to bring the country together, Republicans in the administration for example, an investigation of Rumsfeld or Cheney would be seen on the right as a purely partisan attack. With all that he has on his plate with the economy, health care, and the war on terror there is no way he would want to add to his problems now. Will McCain call for some type Congressional investigation? If so, what would be the reaction of his fellow Republicans?

Comment Posted By grognard On 19.12.2008 @ 21:58


A perfect example of why I think Conservatism is dead. With all of the issues facing the movement you guys are frothing over the comments of some insignificant lefty. So who is the bigger moron, the moron who made idiotic comments or the people that think his comments are even worth discussing?

Man does not live by bread alone. I write what I write because I want to - not because every word that pours forth from my rather large but somewhat empty head is destined to alter the course of history or solve the financial crisis or cure conservatism or comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable nor even unlock the mysteries of Area 51.

I write what I write because I want to write about it. You can read it or go away. Telling me or anyone else what to write about is idiotic. If you want to write about something, get your own damn blog.


Comment Posted By grognard On 3.12.2008 @ 13:40


Even if the vote goes against Hezbullah who will step in to confiscate the weapons? They could turn in some weapons and claim that was the full extent of their armory. Every other party would know it was BS and the present situation would still exist. They might loose some credibility but why would they care, ultimately it's weapons that decides the issue and they certainly will not give up that source of power.

Comment Posted By grognard On 16.11.2008 @ 12:59


Brad, Yes I remember the recessions, and I also remember wage and price controls and an agreement with Japan to hold off on auto imports so the US industry could redesign and retool. We didn't let the market take it's course in the past, the government stepped in both times. But we are not talking about recession, we are talking depression. Something like 974000 jobs are directly affected if you include parts suppliers, more if you take into consideration the jobs lost in the communities where the plants are located. I am talking about massive and very ugly labor unrest along the lines of the Bonus March and the Wobblies.

Comment Posted By grognard On 15.11.2008 @ 23:50

Lets see, thousands of unemployed workers with little chance of getting another job any time soon in this economy. Add to that many more thousands of unemployed people who work in the companies that either sell to the big three or serve the communities where the auto workers live. What do you have? One huge group of very pissed off people who, rightly or wrongly, see themselves as victims to sinister business forces outside their control. If you think the left is bad now just wait until you give them this number of new followers to demagogue. The left would be handed a golden opportunity to make themselves not only the permanent ruling party but also the permanent ruling political philosophy for a generation. If you look at the history of Socialism these are the situations they feed off of, if you want to hand them a case of ammunition to use against you go ahead, but the smart thing to do is bite the bullet keep these people employed, the alternative is much much worse.

Comment Posted By grognard On 15.11.2008 @ 19:25


Dale, sounds like the K street project.

Comment Posted By grognard On 15.11.2008 @ 10:45

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