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Where the argument falls apart is the premise that the candidate, even with a “perfect” idea of how to solve an issue, would somehow get the legislation passed without having to make any compromise or modifications. It could very well be that a candidate that is less knowledgeable but who has better political skills and important political allies might get more done. There are way to many other variables in voting on a candidate to boil it down to a stand on a particular group of issues.

Comment Posted By grognard On 27.05.2007 @ 22:52


As a [fill in your favorite derogatory term] centrist I don’t see why you people are down. No Democratic candidate is a slam dunk with us and it is the [insert derogatory term ] middle that determines election. If you want to win the first step is to tone down the insults and stick to common sense solutions to problems [with out denigrating the other side]. Reducing the size of government was what I thought I was voting for when I went for Bush in his first election, but obviously the Republicans had another idea in the form of Rove spending his way to election victories. Get back to your roots and this time stick to them and the Republicans can win, but you have got to cut out the partisan shrill to be taken seriously. Worry less about what the left is doing and more about what the right is not doing and the elections will take care of themselves.

Comment Posted By grognard On 26.05.2007 @ 13:07


First off considering the long relationship Iran has had with the CIA this only confirms what they already “know” about what the US is up to. I have no doubt that every suspicious incident or any anti government activity was thought to be a CIA plot in their fevered minds. As far as who leaked for what reason, after Valerie there is no fear of retribution, especially if you have a powerful protector like Cheney on your side. I do like the response that the person doing the leaking might be castigated for doing so but it is the liberal media that are the “traitors”. I guess if you have an “R” after your name you can commit no wrong, you can only be accused of exercising bad judgment.

Comment Posted By grognard On 23.05.2007 @ 13:20


If a Democrat is elected think of the vitriol that can be spread. It will be like the good old days when everything wrong can be blamed on the other side. The is nothing more unifying than some good old hate and vitriolic expression. And don’t forget those moderates, those vile swing voters that decide elections, save some of your best denigration for them. Whatever you do don’t ever think that next time when you are in power that you govern all of the country, that you should at least attempt to make peace with your enemies. Don‘t, under any circumstances, show that you have the maturity to govern with out disparaging the other side.

Comment Posted By grognard On 20.05.2007 @ 09:02


“LIBERAL! LIBERAL! LIBERAL!”, take away that what do you have left?

Comment Posted By grognard On 16.05.2007 @ 13:30


When Republicans won the Legislature and the Presidency they immediately went about dropping the spending restrictions that had been in place during the Clinton years, in direct conflict with the Contract with America. When I pointed this out to conservatives all they could do is go off on liberals. At that time I had not bothered to listen to Limbaugh [and others], when I did it was an eye opening experience. Never any discussion about what Republicans were doing, it was all about liberals and the hideous plots they were hatching. It made sense, use liberals as a screen to divert attention away from what the party is actually up to. The real conservatism of Buckley is long gone, now it is the shrill liberal bashing “conservatism” of Limbaugh. Forget smaller and more honest government, the movement is dead.

Comment Posted By grognard On 16.05.2007 @ 07:50


“The level of cynicism it takes to engage Syria in any kind of “dialogue” while they round up and persecute those who expose themselves to extreme danger in order to affect democratic changes in their country is beyond me.”
Really? Pelosi must have had the same “cynicism” of Eisenhower when he met Khrushchev, or Ford meeting Brezhnev, how about Nixon meeting Mao, and of course the sainted Reagan meeting Gorbachev. I did not agree with Pelosi [Rice as a representative of the President is different] going to the middle east but idea that you can’t talk to very bad people is nonsense. In the real world you have to deal with them, at one time or another. Surely understanding that is not “beyond” you.

Comment Posted By grognard On 10.05.2007 @ 21:54


Ditto heads complaining about the Daily Kos, gotta love it. Here is a clue for both sides, the middle determines elections.

Comment Posted By grognard On 10.05.2007 @ 07:59


What the right and left are going to “cream” themselves over is yet another reason to go off on each other, and yes I know “the other side did it first so nanner nanner nanner”. Here is the reality of the incident, and please note that I can present a view with out the use of the word “moron”.
1: AQ is as much a religious/inspirational movement as a terrorist one, there is no need for central control when the basic idea is to create as much mayhem as possible. This time it was a bunch of bunglers, next time we might not be as lucky.
2: Speaking of next time, even a bunch of bunglers can get lucky, attacking a shopping mall with pistols gets the point across as well as an attack on a military base.
3: An alert guy at Kinko’s spoiled the plot, not tapping cell phones or catching people from a terrorist watch list. Citizens being aware is the big asset, and by the way I would be willing to bet that our Muslim community has been instrumental in foiling terrorist plots we have no idea about.
4: The Albanians were illegal, this gives credence to the idea that wide open borders and illegal immigration is in fact a security issue, they might not have jumped the fence on the border but the immigration issue is still larger than just low wage jobs.

Comment Posted By grognard On 9.05.2007 @ 10:10


The Anbar Salvation Council has done outstanding work against AQ elements, and the group is getting larger with the new addition of the 1920s Revolution Brigades. The trouble is that once AQ is taken care of will they peacefully disband? I don’t think so, in order to solve one problem we might have created another. If AQ is routed and the nation stays together will Maliki call for the dissolution of ASC, sure. Will they do it , yeah right, they will disband along with the Mahdi Army and the other paramilitary group. My basic premise still remains, why are we even trying to keep this nation together? A Federation of mostly autonomous sates is not a perfect solution by any means but our choices now are the lesser of many evils. If we do it now there is at least a chance for some stability, otherwise they will “figure” things out on their own once we leave and it won’t be pretty.

Comment Posted By grognard On 9.05.2007 @ 09:44

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