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i harte to say this, rick, but coming to the conservative republican community and expecting them to be sensitive to issues of racism is probably too much to ask. macaca!

Comment Posted By george washington On 27.04.2007 @ 08:59


it is truly sad that after 6 years, and all that has occured, you still, STILL cannot face the facts of Bush's lawlessness and incompetence. These are NOT manufactured scandals- they would be manufactured scandals if they were made up, but this is not made up! Bush et al have done these things!!

Furthermore, the fact that this was done for polticial gain under a provision of the Patriot Act is exactly why people objected to the Patriot Act- because it would obviously be, and now has obviously been, abused by the Bush Administration! THIS is the point. Bush et al say "trust us," about everything, yet they have done nothing, NOTHING to earn the the trust of the people who they supposedly represent. in fact, the fact that this was done under the Patriot Act, and not at the beginning of a Pres term, and to people appoinrted by Bush, means that it is, in fact, NOT like when other presidents have done this, democrat or Republican. THESE things are the facts! When, when, when will you learn not to lie, not to obscure, not to distort, and simply face THE TRUTH???

you, the remaining Bush supporters, you disgust me. you are honestly and clearly the worst of what this nation has to offer. you are the ones who are traitors to this nation. you are the ones who would support tyranny for the sake of "your team," that would stab ytou in the back the second the time came. you have no honor, no courage and no bravery. you are not true americans. you are traitors who have betrayed the very ideals of this country. i hope that you burn in hell.

Comment Posted By george washington On 14.03.2007 @ 12:56


If we accept the premise that there are simply two options, win or lose, I am assuming that you define win by some definition along the lines of "setting up a stable Iraqi government that can take care of the security of Iraq." If this is so, then we should stop calling our endeavour in Iraq a war, as I am not sure military victory can be defined by such a benchmark. As such, we have either already won or lost, in which case removing the troops is not cutting and running. In addition, I am also not sure how, exactly, we are fighting a war on terror, which is apparently global, but keeping our troops in the line of IEDs only in Iraq. Perhaps your idea is that we have to stay because otherwise Iraq will become a major haven for terrorists, and therefore winning is preventing this from happening, by way of setting up a stable government in iraq... you see the problem. Another option is, again, to stop caloling it a war, and call it an occupation, in which case there is no option but to leave the troops there, for the foreseeable future. None of these sound like good options, do they? I do not even think that we should necessarily withdraw the troops immediately, or on a timetable, but saying that they must stay until we win, when we either don;t know what winning is, or define it non-militarily attainable terms, is also an exercise in futility.

Comment Posted By george washington On 15.11.2006 @ 12:56

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