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I didn't say "vastly outnumbered." I said outgunned.

Comment Posted By geoffgo On 19.01.2010 @ 10:25

What's the rush?

- For the 1st time in history, US gov't buracracies (local, county, state, regional, national) now match private employment!

- So what's the headlong rush to get all this totalitarian agenda passed, given the obvious backlash? Answer: Brown vs. Coakley.

The Left has planned all along to get as much as possible, at every opportunity, and work from there. The Dems knew Teddy was gonna die; and somewhat untimely as it turns out, according to MA laws for special elections to fill the "peoples' seat." If he hadn't died, they'd be wheeling him in to sign sh*t, using a mechanical device to augment his debility.

And we wouldn't be having this conversation about this particular Senate seat and super-majority rule, and nuclear options and the processes that work against US.

The Dems had planned, all along thinking they have it covered; but all plans are subject to change, upon meeting the competitive response. Coakley was their best choice; ie, the Party had no better option, intellect and charisma-wise or aside, given the decision time. Coakley seems to be a typical far left pol; ignorant as a stump, tone deaf - gaffwise approaching a Biden; close to that other Kennedy they wanted to crown. Otherwise Coakley'd be starving in private practice. She was AG?

Ergo, and given the total disregard of the accelerating intensity of the protest, that the super-majority needs to get all this "takeover" accomplished de jure rather than de facto now; eg, before a Sen. Brown (or whoever that was potentially going to be) can be seated to possibly disrupt and devalue the current tactics.

Just think, we're paying the bureaucrats to enslave US using tax. And now their affiliated numbers approach if not exceed half of US. Their half already has all the necessary mandates and accoutrements needed to "put down civil unrest." Last week Obama issued an Executive Order creating a panel to coordinate all activities, by all gov't agencies, in event of civil disaster. Down to local sheriffs - including the Fed's ability to call up the NatGuard in each of the respective States. Unrest works just as well.

At this point Patriots are way out-gunned, no matter their fervor, location, or armament. That observation comes from a never-before forced to be survivalist, or conspiracy theorist.

Beware the next crisis. I get gloomy, dreamin bout a turnaround, and pondering civility. Seems our cause will require the "sweetest talkers" since Lincoln. Along with some of his "temporary" transgressions on individual liberties.

Comment Posted By geoffgo On 18.01.2010 @ 12:24

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