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What Foley did is not a left/right issue it is a right/wrong issue.

Torture is not a left/right issue it is a right/wrong issue.

Most issues are not left/right. I do not analyze problems and then ask whether my conclusion leans left or leans right. Who cares? Too many people wait until a leader of some type states his or her case and then assimilate the conclusion.

When it comes to making personal decisions right/left simply are not relevant. If a person chooses to label a decision made by others as left or right it has no impact on their choices because the choices are personal.

Left/right has become a means of demonizing and belittling a supposed opponent's arguments, but it does not address the validity of the arguments.

Validity and integrity are the important factors with regard to ideas, less than that is merely an opinion that carries no more weight than a child's fairy tale.

Left/right thinking is like black/white thinking, both concepts are inadequate to making sound decisions.

Comment Posted By gc wall On 1.10.2006 @ 14:51

Mark Foley resigned. What does that say about some of the remarks on this page?

The number of republican talking points on this page is astounding. It is as if very few can think for themselves. Why is that?

We should be more concerned about the hegemony over people's ability to think for themselves. I could have told you what most of those who post think, by just
checking out the daily RNC talking points. It is a sad
day when people line-up early so they can be the first to spread propaganda to their "fellow" Americans.

Much of it has to do with the sickness of having to always be "right" when the intellect would be better served by witholding judgement until a person has had time to digest, reflect and understand the information being dished out by those with an agenda that undermines our democratic republic and disrespects the rule of law.

One of the most disturbing behaviors exhibited by many misinformation pushers is how quickly and willingly they are able to sell-out their fellow citizens for a few dollars more.

Comment Posted By gc wall On 30.09.2006 @ 16:36

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