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The focus on the economy certainly has helped the Democrats (and that is not going away). The problem with the Conservative movement is that while many people call themselves conservative it is not clear what many of them talk about. I agree with Surabaya Stew that there are people such as the Neocons and 'Young Earth Creationists' that have diluted (or contaminated) our movement. We are not even competitive in any East or West Coast city but we have to be to have a future. This is where innovations take place, this is where the economy of the United States is competitive or not. The whole focus on the rural bible belt might have been ok for a while but it is time this changes.
I hate to tell you this but this is exactly how Rick predicted the race to be (close but then breaking away for Obama).
Could we just stop whining about the media for a while; and no I don't believe the pollster are all secret Obama operatives.

Comment Posted By funny man On 5.10.2008 @ 16:14


That music always struck a cord in my heart. Sadness and joy at the same time and a belief that this is a great country and we can join together and make it even better. Harry Belafonte once said 'I don't sing of how it is but how it should be'. Anyway, sorry to hear about Nick and thanks for the beautiful post.

Comment Posted By funny man On 4.10.2008 @ 13:07


I'm a conservative who doesn't have a problem with having an 'elite'. There is an anti-intellectual sentiment that used to be more on the left (pre-60s) but has since shifted to the right. Politically that was a smart move but I never took that serious. I just don't believe the 'average Joe' can just march into Washington and govern effectively. That is just BS.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.10.2008 @ 19:32

I see nothing wrong with expertise. If I go to a surgeon I don't want Joe Six-Pack, same with the president.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.10.2008 @ 16:21

Palin did better than I had feared but it was a draw at best. Some of you just project wishful thinking. Being an avid chess player I learned long ago that you never underestimate your opponent and I believe on that account some of you do underestimate Obama and Biden. For all it's worth their campaign is run better and more disciplined than McCain's so far. Even though I believe 4 weeks is still an eternity in politics it is an uphill battle. I wish the candidate would discuss substance but I know it is not going to happen. BTW, I for one like Gwen Ifill's 'Washington Week'. It is insightful and at least people talk and not scream. It surely isn't what Rush and others say it is. It is like in a football game every side sees the refs as taking sides.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.10.2008 @ 13:11

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

liked this one:

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.09.2008 @ 01:00

Who cares who wins Biden/Palin. It won't matter either way. I'm more concerned about the economy than who of these two losers will look 'sharper'. Surabaya: I did watch the Couric interview. That was painful, with Putin flying over Alaska, LOL!

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.09.2008 @ 00:11

ok, maybe I'm an idiot then. However, in order for your solution to work you would need a strong central government and I'm not exactly sure that can be done with a 'democracy'. You are right about an independent Kurdistan causing more harm then good but then the authority of Baghdad is not exactly forceful in Kurdistan. However, neither me nor you really know if any of the current proposals will work.

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2008 @ 15:39

ok I agree division could be risky business. However, just now you had an incident of the Kurds not letting in the Iraqi army into some town (too lazy to look it up) and ultimately whether the Shia themselves will be able to work together is written in the stars. So the question remains how do you create a stable country/region that doesn't harbor significant number of militant Jihadists. I'm still not convinced that can be done with a weak central government in the long run. Anyway, I could obviously be wrong here.

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2008 @ 13:45

Shivas iron:
why is it dumb to divide Iraq into three regions because that is the way it is anyway. Do you see the Kurds 'rejoining' Iraq? Shia and Sunni Arabs are already more or less separated. Iraq was an artificial construction by the British and only time will tell if it can survive as a nation (I wouldn't bet on it and I certainly wouldn't want American soldiers sacrifices just so the three can get along).

Even today there are Sunnis in the south, Shias in the west and central Iraq, and Kurds everywhere. The idea that you could possibly move millions of people their "designated" regions is absolutely, off the wall loony. You would have a humanitarian catastrophe the likes of which hadn't been seen since the tens of thousands who perished when India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1946. More than 5 million Muslims left India and an almost equal number of Hindus left Pakistan. It was a nightmare of starvation, bloodletting, people dropping dead along the route from exposure and disease.

It was not just a bad idea, it was an incompetent idea that showed the shallowness of Biden's intellect and his inability to think a proposal through to its logical conclusion.


Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2008 @ 13:12

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