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those were my thoughts too. Purging?? Holy Smokes; reminds me of Stalin in the 20s and 30s. Not a pleasant thought and not helpful in rebuilding the conservative movement.

Comment Posted By funny man On 31.10.2008 @ 10:44


To let the fun start, how is this:

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.10.2008 @ 13:25

More important than labels are open and respectful (and informed) discussions. I also get pxxxxx off when people just throw around the club "now you are excluded" or you are not a "real conservative". As Ron Paul has shown you can be against the war in Iraq and still be a conservative. Now I don't want to discuss the merits of his positions in this post but just show that you can respectfully agree or disagree with certain positions without being labeled nuts, liberal, RINO etc. However, in a dynamic movement that I still hope conservatism is, knowledge of the roots and history is as important as not being afraid to question dogmas that might no longer be applicable. For example right now, how free should the markets be, how much regulation etc. I frankly don't really know.
The other problem that I see is this pathological hatred of anything liberal that often clouds any fruitful discussions. I mean I have liberal friends and I think they are great people (just not in politics) and I always have to smile when I hear Robert Byrd giving his pompous speeches (there you go old cracker). I mean that is a great show!

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.10.2008 @ 12:39


Why do people in this blog always bring up the 'left' in what is a moral argument. Ok, so the left is hypocritical, big deal. That still doesn't make bombing of places that are run according to the laws of the United States any better. And then you have people like "rational-thinking" who claims to have the ultimate authority who a conservative is and who isn't. Well, I got news for you: Rick Moran is a conservative! BTW, who appointed you to preside over this court.
I respect conservatives who believe Sarah Palin is a good choice but likewise I expect people to respect my decision not to support her for a number of reasons. That does not make me a bad conservative, that's just my right as a free citizen.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.10.2008 @ 13:12


Thank you for your excellent piece. The danger of anti-intellectualism is to make conservatism irrelevant. I often do not agree with you but that is the whole point about a debate! Now every movement has to evolve and that doesn't happen in a productive way without time to reflect, time to think and discuss. However, if that ends up in a shouting match with outlandish accusations flying then we are missing something.

Sometime ago I read in a conservative blog something along the line (paraphrasing here): there will be a split in politics soon, not between liberals and conservatives but between arrogant elites and real Americans; between healthy football jocks and sexy, fertile Sarah Palins and asocial dorks and 'elitist' misfits.

Sure, I could laugh this off if I didn't know that is exactly how a lot of folks on 'my side' feel. I always want to remind people that there is absolutely nothing wrong or 'elitist' about being an intellectual. Some people might also not like the economic reality that America is to a large part wealthy because of the East and West Coast and places like Chicago and Detroit in between. Sure, they are the democratic strongholds but as conservatives we should never write those places of or dismiss them. They are our creative engine and not Amarillo/TX(sorry guys, nothing personal).
I'm rambling, probably because I'm happy I can give my 2 cents again, thanks Rick

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.10.2008 @ 00:38


thank you, I couldn't have said it better.

Comment Posted By funny man On 17.10.2008 @ 12:53

you are on a roll here!! How about a crack in a liberal/conservative continuum?

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.10.2008 @ 23:52

Nagarajan Sivakumar,

I was actually referring to this elitism versus Joe Sixpack spiel. I just don't buy into this 'the average guy knows best how to run Washington'. I'd rather have my (conservative) educated elite.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.10.2008 @ 20:15

I probably agree with you politically but please don't bother me and other with this fake class warfare. What is wrong with the best people (the elite) leading the country? Do you want Joe Sixpack performing surgery on you? Trust me neither Democrats or Republicans care after the election.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.10.2008 @ 19:24

I agree with you that 'true' conservatives should work for a common goal. However, I view an honest look at our current situation and a look back at our history not an 'academic parlor game'. I found this piece interesting because I didn't know some of these connections:

Finally, the world is not going to end if Obama becomes president but rather could be a catalyst to renew the conservative movement.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.10.2008 @ 13:54

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