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I disagree with some of the posters here. Rush and his followers are often quite vocal in their opposition to Rinos, so called elitist intellectual conservatives, many who don't follow the dogma laid own by the Rushbo. They believe this is a necessary cleansing of conservatism. I don't. I think this is a sure way into the wilderness.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.03.2009 @ 18:25

In my opinion, most people base their political opinions on emotion more than on 'ratio'. Gingrich, although not always right, tries to give conservative politics a rational basis. Obvious case: of course we have to reach out to moderates if we are to in any election. Limbaugh appeals to emotions; it's just we and them. Great for the 'angry white male' not a way back to power.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.03.2009 @ 10:49


Surabaya Stew,
I second you on that. The only problem with the Tea Partyers is this: what are we going to do about the economy? I honestly think that neither conservatives nor liberals know what to do and what the consequences are.

I also think that followers of Rush, Hannity and the likes are a force to be reckoned with, however, not as much as many of them actually believe they do.

Comment Posted By funny man On 1.03.2009 @ 19:20


I paraphrase a German saying: "enemy, archenemy, fellow conservative" (it actually goes 'partyfriend'). Whether or not any of us is right or wrong won't be known until much later. History is always the history of the winner. Sure, people will remember the Tea Party because 'they' won. You don't know about all the riots, revolts, hungerstrikes because they didn't lead anywhere. However, there seems to be a hardcore of 'conservatives' appointed by who knows who to judge who a conservative is, what he or she has to say and support and who is to be purged from the ranks.

Comment Posted By funny man On 27.02.2009 @ 22:07


please you know better. Having served in the Armed forces I can assure you that courage has nothing to do with political viewpoints.

Comment Posted By funny man On 27.02.2009 @ 11:55

Michael Reynolds,
strangely enough, I found Dostoevsky not only gloomy but also uplifting. My favorite is 'The Brothers Karamazov' but regarding this topic you were probably referring to 'Crime and Punishment', a translation I don't like. It sounds very flat. The German translation is 'Schuld und Suehne' (Guilt and Atonement) which is much closer to the Russian original. It is just the image of Raskolnikov atoning for his crime in an orthodox service in a Siberian laborcamp that greatly impressed me. However, perhaps these are just signs of a downward spiraling of a conservative mind.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.02.2009 @ 22:22

Bs jones,
ok, going back in time to our presumably Stome Age ancestors. Where did altruism come from? Perhaps a more selfless society is stronger in the long run than a very individualistic one. On the other hand, great deeds might be needed to win over your favorite woman... Yes, this is the everlasting struggle. My opinion has always been that you need to regulate capitalism to reap it's benefits. There has to be a balance. I think it is an illusion things will just self-assemble but where do you draw the line so not to suffocate individual freedom and creativity. It is an interesting question that both conservatives and liberals ask themselves and I might just add, sometimes makes for strange bedfellows.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.02.2009 @ 19:41

bs jones,
you almost said what I wanted to say. Of course, we could argue about what good an evil is. However, for simplicity let's stay with the ten commandments. I'm married and I love my wife but at the same time desire other women. If given a chance I could choose good over evil but also evil over good. So it is with most things in life. Naturally, politicians, CEO, democrats or republicans, all being human will act sometimes selfless and sometimes selfish. Ok, that's enough trading commonplaces.
What I like about Dostoevsky is that he takes you on a journey to your heart and you realize you are both close to a saint and a criminal. I hope I'm not too far off topic.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.02.2009 @ 17:53

hate to disagree but I think Dostoevsky had it right. The line between good and evil goes right through everyone's heart.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.02.2009 @ 15:20

If you want an example of conservatives self destructing you just need to follow the comments at Hot Air. Here is piece:

Hey Dave (Brooks):

Don’t take this the wrong way, but why don’t you shut the frig up and go away. Anyone who would work for the NYT AND PBS ain’t no conservative and isn’t even one to be trusted.

Well,enough said. (that's on David Brooks comment on Jindal's speech). Just read the comments and you will see these people live in the 'reality-free zone'.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.02.2009 @ 13:27

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