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I read a number of German papers and the response was pretty positive with both left and right. In their view the results were not as meager as often seen here. Be that as it may, I think it is great that the image of America is much better than it was in the previous years. I think it is wrong to think that everything is a plus or minus for Obama, for liberals, for conservatives. Those are just squabbles forgotten tomorrow.
In the long run Europe is and will be our best ally. That's both in political and societal terms. Compared to the rest of the world that's just the difference between Massachusetts and Oklahoma. Not a lot when compared to Yemen, North Korea, Kongo and what have you.
In that sense the trip was a success. Nothing wrong with true apologies too (so that excludes some of the campaign style rhetoric of Obama). As a German it still brings tears to my eyes when I remember Willy Brandt kneeling down in Warsaw to ask for forgiveness not for himself but for the German people. There is personal sin and their is the sin of a people and you can't exclude yourself by just claiming innocence. It is a difficult topic but every nation's history is tainted by the blood of innocents and IMHO nothing is worse than cocky self-righteousness.
Ooops time to go to bed.

Comment Posted By funny man On 8.04.2009 @ 00:28


People, mercy!! Can we just leave it with the ancient Greeks 'I know that I don't know'. I don't even know what craziness goes on in my mind let alone someone else's. I remember at the first warm day in Spring all the drunks and crazies came out of their winter hideouts in Berlin. All of a sudden men were arguing and screaming at busses or other imaginary folks around them, I'm not kidding, a zoo. Same here, a series of horrific events and it's a zoo of crazed, know it all, doomsday psychologists. Politics, nah.

Comment Posted By funny man On 6.04.2009 @ 18:59


I'm German and well, don't let me get started on Austrians. Speaking German, pleez, that's like claiming you understand Boomhauer...just saying.

Comment Posted By funny man On 7.04.2009 @ 01:22


Great article and first and foremost my condolences to the victim's families.

Comment Posted By funny man On 5.04.2009 @ 16:09


Being competitive again doesn't come overnight. I think having a positive agenda will help e.g. creativity versus government regulations. Of course that doesn't work in every area. We surely need some new economic regulations. However, Reagan was positive and I'm just tired of hearing this lingo (e.g leftwing cretins; don't mean you Rick) all the time. That's no way to win over (sub)urban voters. Just rational analysis and political suggestions!

Comment Posted By funny man On 1.04.2009 @ 09:58


Rob, so what is your plan? Thank God Condi Rice got rid of those neocons. Do you want them back?

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.03.2009 @ 22:27

I would like to start by adding that part of a more 'realistic' strategy and foreign policy was already started by Condi Rice. Fortunately, both Rice and Holbrook belong to that bipartisan approach to foreign policy that was only briefly interrupted by the neocons (good riddance hopefully).
IMHO the biggest problem is actually Pakistan with its defunct secret service (there actually was a pretty good report in the NYT) and politics that neutralize each other. Good for Al-Qaeda, not for an effective policy. Success in this balancing act is key to drive Al-Qaeda out. It would be great if the US military was allowed to operate in the tribal areas but given the hostility throughout Pakistan this is pretty unlikely. The Taliban is a Pashtun problem not so much global terrorism, I trust General Petreaus in his judgment.
Immigration is a totally different issue. We need highly qualified, educated people especially from these countries (I'm not talking masses here) to better understand the culture, politics and gather intelligence. Qualified immigrants have served the United States very well in the last century, why change that? That doesn't apply to farm workers from Morelia or Sina Loa obviously.

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.03.2009 @ 16:48


When the prez race started, I looked at the full field on both sides and wept. LOL

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.03.2009 @ 17:25


I'm personally afflicted with a different neurological condition. I know the anguish and fear late at night but try not to succumb into depression. We all have our cross to bear and my sympathy for your families struggle.
I don't think there is anything wrong making the public arena personal. Wouldn't it be great if we can halt or slow down the disease (and maybe mine too)!! While I'm optimistic science will eventually find a remedy, I have to live my life as it is.
Thank you for the very moving report and my best wishes to your family.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.03.2009 @ 09:48


The 'Greatest Generation' was tested in a time when socialist ideas were much more en vogue than today. The United States will be just fine. Come on, people rise with the challenges they are faced with. I just don't believe all this doom and gloom.
And Gayle: that's a pretty unpatriotic statement about the most productive people on the two coasts (includes Virginia BTW). The South as the new savior, good heavens!

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.03.2009 @ 18:17

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