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I would disagree with you with your assessment 'all was well before 1955' (actually you didn't say that). Just think of Teddy Roosevelt breaking up the monopolies, the Wall Street cesspool before the crash in 29, Jim Crow etc. Every time has their challenges.

that caller was a hoax. Come on..

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.12.2009 @ 09:43

Health Care for example is a problem for which there are no soundbite answers. The problem really is that we can now technically do a lot that people 50 years ago couldn't even imagine. If we can do it, should we always and then who will pay. Let's say a 90 year old has cancer that if treated gives her another three month. It costs $500,000 so she would loose her house and life savings. Is this necessary? I'm really not quite sure what the conservative/liberal position would be. Do we want to be the party of ,well, tough luck'. On the other hand I'm also not in favor of the government (we the tax payers) footing the bill. Quo vadis?

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here is another curious fact. The anthem of the GDR is actually better than the old (and current) German national anthem. It means something like 'reborn from ruins, looking to the future , united Germany' Which was also why the words were later no longer played. How crazy is that!!! However, IMHO it should have been the anthem because it really is more meaningful.
Here it is:

Comment Posted By funny man On 14.12.2009 @ 19:43

I'm called funny man and am not. Rick: Voelker hoert die Signale, auf zum letzten Gefecht, ...Count me in

Jackson 1234 if you don't know what that is your 'Frau aus dem Osten' didn't teach you anything

Comment Posted By funny man On 14.12.2009 @ 19:29


I sometimes joke that the only place where I, a German, can go and talk about 'Negroes' is a black barber shop I sometimes frequent. I think this whole idea of 'multiculturalism' is on the retreat but Universities just as the NYT are the last to notice. However, I think opposition to affirmative action is very different than supporting the confederate flag. The later is a racist symbol. That's as if I would wear a swastika because our German soldiers fought bravely in WWII (they did). It's still a racist symbol.

Comment Posted By funny man On 11.12.2009 @ 09:31


Using nukes? I mean come on; let's hope never.

are you in a contest to see how many insults you can pack into a post? Why don't you just say you don't like Obama?

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notice I didn't talk about the solution. Liberty60 pretty much sums up my thoughts. Your worries do make sense but in my mind that does not mean we shouldn't work hard on becoming more energy efficient, less dependent on carbon based energy etc. I think you would also agree with that, right?

Comment Posted By funny man On 9.12.2009 @ 09:46

Climate science is by it's very nature different than let's nuclear physics or microbiology because you can't just repeat an experiment. So people measure a lot of things and then put it into programs that analyze the trends seen in the measurements. That by itself is not wrong.
Of course, politics found a way into this rather obscure scientific area and here is where the problems starts because people want to push their agenda. This is also why it is very difficult nowadays to have a rational discussion about this. For example, I would venture to say that a lot of people were turned off by AGW simply because Al Gore was seen championing it. Do politicians have any clue about science? In 99% of members of both parties clearly no. In addition to ignorance one main reason being that a lot of them are lawyers. Now lawyers operate completely different because once you have precedence you have a case even though it could be scientifically proven wrong.
So who sets the government's scientific agenda if we agree that politicians don't. Most scientist don't do that either because they are happy working away in the office/lab. That is the hour of people with a big ego and an agenda as we now just saw in 'climategate'. It has a lot to do with hubris, wanting to be a big shot but also real data on the part of that small circle of scientists. Unfortunately, some of the people 'exposing' this 'fraud of the century' have those same traits on steroids.

I try to take a cautious position and think that warming is occurring and 6 billion plus people on this Earth probably have some influence on it. Why should that not be the case?

Comment Posted By funny man On 8.12.2009 @ 21:41


according to your logic 'Palin is a dumb bimbo' refuses to go away because there is truth to it.
Millions of flys eat poop, doesn't mean I have to join in. So just because some people...

Comment Posted By funny man On 4.12.2009 @ 22:23

We are about to deploy 30000 more troops to Afghanistan, unemployment hovers around 10%, health care is about to be reformed and Iran is stepping up it's nuclear enrichment program. At the same time thousands worry about a Hawaiian birth certificate??? Is that our political input? Is that what we conservatives stand for? Pleeez.

Comment Posted By funny man On 4.12.2009 @ 21:34

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