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you have a point with your definition of elite. However, I'd like to point out that often (not by you) that this grassroots versus elite plays out with a hefty dose of anti-intellectual populism that I really dislike. For example, I don't think David Brooks should be dismissed because he is from East Coast, writes for the NYT, is 'elitist'. Stupid comments just as you didn't like about Southerners that nevertheless play well with certain people. If you want to know what I'm talking about just try to tell certain folks that maybe Palin doesn't have the intellect to be president. Now they have the right to their opinion and I have to mine but one of the charges immediately filed would be 'elitist'.

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.05.2009 @ 13:50


I'm with you on this one. I'm conservative but I just hate it when people think they have the right to dish out but are unwilling to see respect for your opponent comes before any meaningful discussion. If I want to hear a constant flow of democrats this, liberals that and whining about the liberal media I can go to Hot Air. For me that is totally boring and unproductive.

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.05.2009 @ 13:32

Travis Monitor,
” So can I call you CINO (conservative in name only) now?”
Do what you want. Name-calling is popular among Democrats and liberals; it’s their favorite substitute for thinking.

Go to your website an look if you don't call a number of people RINOs. I guess you are a Democrat now.

Comment Posted By funny man On 20.05.2009 @ 15:03

Travis Monitor,
you have stated many times what you want, only the purest by your book conservative platform. However, I bet you supported the Iraq war. Not a very conservative position. So can I call you CINO (conservative in name only) now?

Comment Posted By funny man On 19.05.2009 @ 16:47

Freedoms Truth,
what in the world are you trying to say? Just stick to our guns no need to change anything? BTW, some of your poll questions (Fox News) are meaningless but I guess you want to believe what you believe no matter what. You got a race coming up in Texas I believe and I would assume you support Perry. Do you also have poll numbers there? What if KBH wins? Luckily we have a choice in many places between your approach and a more pragmatic one. We'll see.

Comment Posted By funny man On 19.05.2009 @ 15:45

I think this is just the normal reaction after a rushing defeat. It also is a good time to fight these things out. I predict your approach will eventually 'win'. Success does more to convince folks than any ideological debate.
As far as Washington goes, I think it is nice to see people like Ted Kennedy and Orin Hatch being on friendly terms with each other (with Ted's brain tumor in particular). I mean what kind of world do we want to live in? That has nothing to do with elitism but with basic human decency. Huntsman is very popular precisely because he did not come across as this rigid cultural warrior. If people like him don't pass the litmus test it will truly be years in the wilderness.

Comment Posted By funny man On 19.05.2009 @ 12:23


First of all Huntsman knows Mandarin, not bad when dealing with one or the most important trading partner. Could it be that he accepted the position for the good of our country? Just a thought.
I thought this article was also of interest:

Ok, here is a question to the 'hardcore': the country has been (is) divided on abortion about 50/50 without any chance of outright victory for either side. So would you oppose a compromise that has a good chance of lowering abortions? My guess is that something along the line will come our way later this year. I also know 'traitors' will be shouted by the same 'pie in the sky' believers that wait for the day that never comes. I have my convictions too but I say to the purists 'life happens and its not always pretty'. Do you want to wait another 50 years with nothing to show for but the conviction that you never wavered.

Comment Posted By funny man On 18.05.2009 @ 22:15


I think moderate/conservative is a smokescreen hiding a (normal) power struggle after a lost election. Some think we have to become more 'pure' other more 'centrist' to win. That's all.

Depending on what you regard as conservative I'm more conservative than Ann Coulter. However, there is one big difference. I just think liberals have a different idea about government, that's it, end of story. Not so those folks, they just love to indulge in their liberal hate fest. Here is a new low:
Now I know there are the same type-A-personalities on the other side. However, that only has to do with a personality disorder not conservative or liberal.

So for me moderate/conservative is not the big issue. What is practical and doable is. Most of all, I'm TIRED to hear the claims of the 'shout-louder' faction to be the honest true conservatives. Maybe they are but so are many others who might have different views on a number of topics (e.g. Iraq war) and who don't have a pathological hatred of liberals. Just a thought: am I elitist if I'd rather listen to what David Brooks has to say (even if I don't agree) then about musings of Joe the plumber?

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.05.2009 @ 23:23

of course he is and that might turn out to be no win-no win situation. However, this HAS to play out before we get back somewhat of unity. Think about Dems after 68.

Comment Posted By funny man On 15.05.2009 @ 17:20

Yep, it's on. We'll see.

Comment Posted By funny man On 15.05.2009 @ 11:29

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