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I know this is not the right place but I feel very sad now. Iran is an old, very cultured country and a lot of the young and educated people are sooo fed up with the daily grind of a repressive regime. I know a lot of Americans don't really know what it means to live in a country like that. I also don't know what to do but want to show my solidarity with the protesters. Here are some pics from the Spiegel:

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In Germany, I had indeed noticed that some of the former hard core communist e.g Horst Mahler suddenly shows up in the camp of the neo-nazis. Wouldn't surprise me if some will find their way into the Islamist's camp. Bottom line, these people have a seriously disturbed psyche, nut jobs who pick the martyr role or something like that. Same here, nothing to do with liberal/conservative.

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In the long run, level headed people will prevail in the conservative movement. That is my honest belief and the hyperbole will pass. Sure, you will still have talk radio. As entertainment, as it should be, but not forging policies. Here is a saying from the (German) left that I tend to agree with: just because millions of flies eat poop doesn't mean I have to join them.

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Crisis? What crisis? Obama goes on a date and Lativa does something else to lift the spirit. I just couldn't help myself but who is whining now? The Europeans?,1518,627912,00.html

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although she is too liberal for our taste she is not totally unqualified as you suggest: Obama chose the Hispanic chick because she’s…Hispanic. Orin Hatch supported her the last time around. That is exactly the language that does alienate Hispanic voters. Talk about firemen, whatever, that she is too liberal etc but not that she is not qualified.

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gotta have some fun with this 'elitist' debate. I make a lot of typos too. Happens!

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.05.2009 @ 23:17

elites point out that it is the Marriot hotel. Is German mustard allowed or is it Dijon?

Comment Posted By funny man On 25.05.2009 @ 16:08

however, if this:

is the way the 'Right' try to get back to having something to say I'd have to agree with you that all hope is lost.

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.05.2009 @ 18:47

again I agree with you.
Let's turn to politics. I don't think the Republicans are unsalvageable it'll just take time. That is why you see all the vicious infighting. I also don't think Obama is the end of the world he just pushes through a liberal agenda. He also is very good at that. Again that is what I don't get with my fellow conservatives. At least give him credit for pushing his agenda through (although you might not like the results) and don't sit and wait for every little mishap that might put him on the "Carter journey'. You might wait pretty long and it's a waste of time. The credit card bill was pretty smart politics, don't you think. It is also good that the county (already under Bush) moved away from neocon nationbuilding.
So where can we generate some enthusiasm? Perhaps by showing that small government can be more creative more able to solve 'intractable' problems. I believe that could excite paleos like me, libertarians and folks from the 'Nader crowd'. I don't have to tell you that this would also get opposition not only from the left but also from the right.

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.05.2009 @ 18:35

difficult to not agree with you here. Well spoken! However, the flipside to your Harvard story would be that you dismiss someone just because he went to Harvard or works there etc. I didn't but in my field I'd be lying if I told you if offered a job there I wouldn't take it.
I also agree with you that every profession has its dignity and deserves respect. However, that includes politicians and I just don't buy into the storyline that everyone in DC is any more degenerate and corrupt than anywhere else.
Enough of that, back to the GOP and how to get back to a credible message.

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.05.2009 @ 17:22

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