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the most disappointing in these discussions is the lack of any personal accounts regarding this issue, just finger pointing. Forget about the incident. Most if not all people are prejudiced to some degree and there was a history of racism in this country. It is therefore not surprising that most people of a given ethnicity have a different 'movie' going on in their head while looking at the same incidence.
I frankly am not interested to find out some liberals are hypocrites and some conservatives are too. That is just the human condition.
However, race and the problems connected with it are so ingrained in American society that one has to conclude it is history that just doesn't want to go away. For me this is not so much about guilt but more about honesty and I commend Rick for these insightful blogs.
Of course, similar problem also occur in other societies. I'm German and we had our share of dark moments. So are we guilty as a people for the holocaust, is the Wehrmacht soldier guilty even though he tried to be a decent man? I would say as a people we are responsible for the holocaust just as Americans are responsible as a people for their past.
So when incidents like these occur can we at least try to make an effort to understand both sides. I can just say that it not always pretty what I think about people of other races sometimes (and my own). So I'm not going to pretend like it is always the others etc.

Comment Posted By funny man On 25.07.2009 @ 18:13

you seem to have a problem with your feminine side. However, you seem to whine quite a lot for a rugged individualist. Yawn! This post is actually about our own perception of history, our own prejudices.

Comment Posted By funny man On 25.07.2009 @ 14:41


you are right about Obama playing games with the Birthers. If I was him, I'd do the same because they are nutcases.

Comment Posted By funny man On 24.07.2009 @ 15:50

How do you marginalize Birthers and other nutcases? Basically, taking the Obama playbook. Let me explain that. I used to live in Detroit for a few years and they have their share of conspiracy nutcases in the black community (and that applies to other cases too). There is no point in talking to those people (Black Muslims, Shrine of the Black Madonna etc) because they are crazy and unproductive. However, they sit on schoolboards, get applause at 'community gatherings' etc. So Obama just said I just want to work with the people, black, white, brown who want to get things done. If you want to join us fine if you want to continue your craziness, do what you got to do, just don't bug me. However, it was a positive message 'Hope and Change' (and you can quip all you want, it was a brilliant strategy). Basically, my idea is to have a vigorous debate about the core of conservatism and then go ahead with a positive message like 'let creativity flow unhindered by red tape'. Anyway, just an example. Once we have our 'intellectual' house in order things will fall into place. Elections are never won by the fringes (and if so, the results wouldn't be good). I think it is good we draw a clear line between fringe groups like the birthers but in the long run they are not going to be relevant. Folks, remember the underground secret Red Army operatives along with the regular "Russian spotting" (and Elvis I guess).

Comment Posted By funny man On 22.07.2009 @ 21:21


Right Wing Not;
in what way is Rick Moran not a conservative?

Comment Posted By funny man On 19.07.2009 @ 17:41

After reading most not all of the comments up here clearly proves the following "There will always be a certain portion of both the right and left who are basically nuts." Anyone who thinks Obama has anything to do with the Nazis is totally deluded (and I'm German). However, I'm sure the 'realist' conservatives will be in charge after the crazies had their fun. I just don't know when 2010? Hm 2012 maybe. BTW, this is the same thing that happened to the Democrats in 68. Radical insane people are not going to win elections.

Comment Posted By funny man On 19.07.2009 @ 17:25


I liked the sympathetic article but it appears everybody in the comments section shifts into automatic when the term 'media' is mentioned. Ok, maybe we should clarify: there are more self proclaimed conservatives in the military than in academia. That is just because they feel more comfortable in that field. Period, that's it. If there is one thing that I find truly pathetic, it is us whining about the elitist liberal media. Get over it and write a decent article (that's why I'm here because I actually like the quality of the articles). Don't like the NYT? Big deal, but at least they know how to write an article. With all his faults Cronkite was a good man.

Comment Posted By funny man On 18.07.2009 @ 22:49


Great post indeed! I saw the article and also thought 'what a great way to start a discussion'. I'll have to think about it a bit so just wanted to congratulate you for your choice.

Comment Posted By funny man On 13.07.2009 @ 12:37


My favorite philosophers was always Hume. He once stated if someone stated "I had a mysterious force lift me up (or appear) and we talked for an hour a lot of people would go along with this. However, if you stated I was walking through a forest when suddenly a bear appeared and proceeded to walk alongside with me for an hour and then just left, nobody would believe you. Now which one is more likely?

Busboy, you clearly remember your Latin better then I do mine. Always reassuring that the old Romans thought pretty much like we do today.

Comment Posted By funny man On 12.07.2009 @ 15:47

Ok, there is a reality but your senses can only grasp a little reflection of that reality. Wasn't there something of Plato and the cave? Evolution then made a leap and with all the limited reality we perceive, we were forced to make judgments. So you can wish the lion away all you want but you better climb a tree before 'reality' eats you. Animals can all do that. So now consciousness? I'm thinking so I am?

However, I'm not too big of a fan of; it was perfect because it was made for life. How do we know that? Maybe 'whatever' tried something a gazillion times before it was right. What was before the Big Bang?
Naturally we look at these things in a anthropocentric or egocentric viewpoint because your consciousness will definitely be different when you die although 'reality' still exists. However, you consciousness at this moment is as real as the tree in front of your house. Hmm tough topic...

Comment Posted By funny man On 11.07.2009 @ 16:38

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