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JS, sorry can't follow you, you probably had too much of Obama's Kool-Aid. I identify with conservative values and they include decency. Why don't you go to a black barber shop and start talking your talk there. It's so courageous to do your anonymous trolling under what, three pseudonyms. I'm impressed.

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.07.2009 @ 23:21

your ramblings sound straight out of the far left cookbook. Liberals like you indeed rock!

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.07.2009 @ 16:22

Cdor said:
Negro males equal 6& of the population but kill LEO’s at a rate 61/2 times their percentage of population.
Choice of words

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.07.2009 @ 13:42

it's obvious you and rssg,js and whatever other pseudonyms have a problem with other races. Being against certain aspects of PC doesn't mean you going on calling people names. Michael Reynolds is a liberal and I'm a conservative so we disagree on the role of the government and taxes but not on treating other people with respect. I wasn't even talking about this incident.

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.07.2009 @ 12:04

yeah, bashing the elite, that's new and your comment #37 is just an ironic take on political correctness, lest I forget.

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.07.2009 @ 10:33

thanks, couldn't have said it better

Comment Posted By funny man On 27.07.2009 @ 23:12

no problem seeing fault in PC. I used to live in inner city Detroit so I had my share of black nationalists and race hustlers. No need for an education by you.
However, look at the tone of #37 and you know he is racist. You rant and rail against imaginary Al Sharptons but you never say how you personally feel about other races. That's not very courageous. In the meantime, there is a country to be made better.

Comment Posted By funny man On 27.07.2009 @ 23:09

I just told you that you never reflect on your own prejudices. What is there difficult to understand? That is not meant as an insult. I'm just bored if I get the usual statements from right and left but never with anything personal. I know it is easier to bash Bush, Obama than to take a look at oneself. For example, at least #37 is an honest, happy racist.

Comment Posted By funny man On 27.07.2009 @ 18:58

Doug King,
I agree with most of your analysis. I just don't like it when people shift into automatic gear every time this subject comes up. I just think this doesn't help anyone and often is dishonest. I'm not even concerned about this case since this shouldn't have made national and even international news. Maybe the local paper. However, everyone is eager to exploit this for their political agenda. The left to show how racist this society is and the right to bash Obama. They are both hypocrites.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.07.2009 @ 16:32

without mentioning liberal/leftist and whatever. Are you saying you don't have any racist thoughts coming up? Are you saying that America does not have a racist legacy? Forget about all the cheap rhetoric but if you are honest you know this is not all made up.

Comment Posted By funny man On 26.07.2009 @ 14:44

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