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The bald head Schmidt is among the double agent being highly paid by DNC operatives.

Great. LOL!!!!

Comment Posted By funny man On 10.01.2010 @ 15:50

you have to differentiate between bacterial and mammalian strategies in evolution. So bacteria have the tendency to shrink their genome constantly. Everything they don't need they kick out. That is why bacteria that live in a symbiotic environment have much smaller genomes than their free living relatives. Why? Because their environment is much more stable e.g. they don't have to worry about a sudden heat wave or a sudden increase in metal concentration because acid mine drainage suddenly enters their stream. So if they don't have those protective genes they are dead (so their streamlining didn't work, smile)
Ok, regarding the so called junk sequence. Very interesting, unresolved topic. So when genomes of many higher organisms were sequenced people noticed vast areas of DNA that didn't seem to have any purpose, hence the term. However, as we slowly understand how differentiation and regulation work in those organisms some people (including me) believe this is a way to allow the genome to be more flexible to show plasticity. It's a bit long now to ponder but that is my short answer.

Ok, conscience. Great topic. So when you look at the genome sequence, apes and humans are very, very close. So it can't be vast amounts of different genes etc but rather it has to be regulation, different ability to better connect the neurons in our brain. Trust me, with the genomes available and the ability to look at differential regulation, this will be an exiting time in the next years.

Comment Posted By funny man On 10.01.2010 @ 12:14

regarding evolution I would invite you to check out the flood of genome sequences, bacterial, fungal, plants and mammals etc. What has come clear is that evolution doesn't work slowly as in mutation by mutation but rather by rapid horizontal gene transfer through plasmids, viruses, transposons etc. This was quite a surprise and proves your point regarding there never is anything settled. On the other hand, it quite clearly puts some of the earlier criticisms regarding unattainable complexity at rest. Something that Darwin could not have foreseen given that we just know DNA is the hereditary material 65 years ago (Avery) and the structure 57 years ago.
Would just like to change the subject too. Tired of the worn out Liberals bad, Conservatives bad, everybody is bad. Substances is more fun (ok, mostly).

Comment Posted By funny man On 9.01.2010 @ 15:29

ok, for me the interesting part is not the endless evolution, Palin etc debate. Maybe she will run maybe she won't; I'm not loosing any sleep over this. As far as evolution goes, the change in genome sequence over time and dependent on the environment has been tested (and everyone of you can) and proven to be true. End of story.
The interesting part for me is can a "Southern GOP' win an election and what financial policies should I expect from them. How can we start manufacturing again? The strategy in the South seems to be bring in German and Japanese companies in union free territory. Maybe not altogether bad but the engineering still happens in Germany or Japan. How can we make our school system competitive again? Again, I don't really see a Southern state that's burying the competition in that area.
What I see is a lot of social issues that are not that important to me as a somewhat rational conservative.
I concede they are economic areas that have made great progress e.g. North Carolina and Atlanta but the big bucks are not made in the South, the innovation are not made in the South, the best educated people do not live in the South. I just warn against a strategy where an area thinks they are so much more with the message and can suddenly turn the whole country their way. Won't happen and it probably shouldn't.

Comment Posted By funny man On 8.01.2010 @ 22:31


we might disagree sometimes but I wish you all the best for 2010.

Comment Posted By funny man On 5.01.2010 @ 11:54

before dwelling to long on possible Israeli air strikes here is something lighter. The Somali would be assassin going after a Danish cartoonist with an axe pleaded innocent. Maybe he wanted to apply for a job chopping fire wood...

All I can say is that the islamist wackos will remain a problem but we will survive. Obama, Bush, doesn't make an ounce of a difference for their war against the kaffirs. That is why I always plead for unity (some degree) between liberals and conservatives in this area. You have a problem with Palin or Pelosi?, try Abdul Madschid al-Sandani (some red bearded extremist preacher in Yemen).

Comment Posted By funny man On 4.01.2010 @ 23:42


I just hope the Persian people can rid themselves of this regime. I think it went beyond the Mullahs now with street thugs and the 'revolutionary guard' mafia trying to hold onto their power. They are ruthless and I admire the courage of the people who are just fed up with their depressing political landscape. I agree, this could actually be a real opening in the Middle East with a populace that (in part) is much friendlier to the United States (and Europe) then the rest (where it is almost hopeless). Obama could have sent a stronger signal but this is one area where I believe liberals and conservatives agree 'let's hope this vicious theocracy goes down into the dustbin of history'!

Comment Posted By funny man On 28.12.2009 @ 13:23


Not in the mood for politics today

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Comment Posted By funny man On 24.12.2009 @ 13:19


'I’m heartbroken that conservatism, or the hysteria that’s masquerading in its name, continues to careen off the rails.'
Couldn't agree more.
What happened?
I have looked at your website and there are some issues I would see differently. However, that is beyond the point. You, or Rick, at least make an effort for rational, coherent arguments. For whatever reasons that doesn't seem to go over well.

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.12.2009 @ 21:37

The illuminati-hm At least I had a good laugh. Don't the Black Muslim also abstain from nuts because that is what white people lived on when they were living in a cage. And then the Mormons have secret underwear.
Maybe they all have a point and it is something in the drinking water that makes people go kooky. Well, rethinking-maybe illuminati do make sense...

Comment Posted By funny man On 23.12.2009 @ 20:07

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