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Just realized the article is featured at Hot Air. That explains it. Yep, we as conservatives have to rally behind Palin! What a bright mind, what stamina. Our last hope for America. I'm as an elitist conservative am awed and scared by her intellectual firepower and how she understands and defends rural fly over country versus degenerate urban dwellers.

Comment Posted By funny man On 8.08.2009 @ 22:49

What is the big deal with Rick's column? As far as I understood, he is just saying there is no need to go over the top to fight this bill. What is wrong with that?
Ohh, my bad! Missed the criticism of Saint Palin. Not allowed.

Comment Posted By funny man On 8.08.2009 @ 22:02


Is it "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" or "when the cat is away, the mice will play?" I guess Manning is right with "Suspicions of serious problems implanted in the minds of mentally weak or biased voters can have serious consequences for politicians." I don't think these people are of much consequence in the long run. Over time with the occasional hick up, sane minds will prevail.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.08.2009 @ 22:41


ok, I applaud you for your good behavior (although this sounds sarcastic it is really meant as a compliment). Let's hope we can get this race discussion behind us. Ultimately, people in the United States are categorized according to this county's standard. However, this does not necessarily have any bearing to the outside world. So would you then say, Arabs, Jews, Ethiopians are what? Black, white, brown; they are all Semitic people. Are Kasachs, Turkmen, Turks Caucasian? Are Celtic people Caucasian? I thought it was Germanic people that came from the Caucasian mountains. Perhaps they are more related with Persian (Iran means Aryan BTW) than with Slavic people although Russ means Viking (from the Volga trade and the founding of the Russian empire). Anyway, see based on that, the American definitions are totally arbitrary. BTW, Negro comes from the Spanish word for black so I don't see how that helps your cause. However, it has a negative historic connotation and I just don't see a reason why I should disrespect anyone. Moreover, I don't see how pissing people off gets you any closer to winning an election.
I can tell you why I didn't like McCain and that was because of his foreign policy. I think neocons really did us a big disservice. I didn't want that again. Luckily, Bush also came to his senses in the second term when realists were once again in charge. His course then was not that different from the current administration and I know both liberal and conservative partisans are going to hate me for saying that. However, my appetite for any more 'adventures' is definitely gone. IMHO, that is a conservative viewpoint because studying history you will notice the fastest way to loose your empire is overextension and hubris.

Comment Posted By funny man On 3.08.2009 @ 23:13

if you want an example of how to discuss race in a 'conservative' context go here:

I'm not a big fan of Frum either because he was a big proponent of the Iraq war. However, at present he is right in criticizing the anti-intellectual streak of some on the right. I don't have a problem with you endorsing your view but I have a problem with you calling people traitors etc. There is no 'conservative' view e.g you could be on both sides of the Iraq issue. Sure, there are a few principles we agree on e.g. role of government, taxes etc. but a meaningful debate also means you respect your opponent. Palin is a good example; if some people think she is our great next hope, fine. Just don't throw a temper tantrum if I'm not that convinced about her intellectual capabilities.
If you think it is helpful to the Republican cause to insist calling people Negroes and mongoloid, I rest my case because then you can't be helped. Whatever you might bring up like that is the proper name, is not going to alter the (probably correct) impression that the tone is racist. Haven't really heard that many Asian Americans chanting 'proud to be mongoloid'. Why do you insist on terms that were common a 100 years ago when the American society was clearly racist? Helping the cause? Come on, you know better.

Comment Posted By funny man On 2.08.2009 @ 22:08

who appointed you to decide who is conservative and who is not? Nobody! You are at least as much a traitor than Frum by bringing up all that hyperbole and noise that will help loose elections for us but I'm sure you don't care. You'd rather be cute and ohh so provocative.BTW, there are no three races as you should know from genome sequencing. Race is just an outdated concept that should find it's way to the historic garbage heap.

Comment Posted By funny man On 2.08.2009 @ 18:05

agreed, especially with a few bottles of wine and a bunch of friends

Comment Posted By funny man On 31.07.2009 @ 21:40

there are going to be no reparations. Everybody knows this. People like Al Sharpton are not respected in the black community but they are the people that some right wingers love to hate. I know he is irrelevant so I don't care. This is just something to stir up emotions and drive up the ratings for their respective shows. For me this is the last thing I worry about or second last before birth certificates.
In the meantime, policy is being made. I'd prefer people start using their mental resources to combat that.

Comment Posted By funny man On 31.07.2009 @ 17:34

Clearly some people here believe the way to win elections is to stir up white working class voters against minorities. With an increasing minority population that has got to be a loosing strategy. I also believe affirmative action should be dumped but it matters how you say it. Race baiting is not the way back to winning elections. In that regard people like Beck are not helpful because they only preach to the choir and damage the conservative brand.

Comment Posted By funny man On 31.07.2009 @ 13:14

I think some people just get an emotional high of throwing around ludicrous terms. Happened with Bush and is happening now. I for example find it offensive when people use the term 'Socialism' without knowing what they talk about and how many people perished in the Gulags and elsewhere. However, I strongly believe that we eventually will emerge stronger after sound minds have prevailed.

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.07.2009 @ 11:08

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