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Freedom's Truth,
Horowitz on Alinsky; trust me I don't have time to read garbage like that. I don't care for Horowitz and I don't care for Alinsky. I don't watch too much TV so excuse me that I'm not familiar with the latest ohh so important news. I don't care. Conservatives want less government, liberals more. I want less and that is all I need to know.

Comment Posted By funny man On 17.09.2009 @ 16:53

Travis Monitor,
hey where is Freedom's Truth. Who is whining? You for one! Liberals are closet racists and hypocrites? Big deal. So are many conservatives. Big deal. Race card played, PC card played, yawn. What does have to do with being conservatives. Nothing.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.09.2009 @ 23:48

Chuck Tucson,
I do too

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.09.2009 @ 21:06

are you responsible for the action of your uncle? That's cheap. Oh no, it is the time honored tradition of sarcasm.
Liberals and conservatives are often so predictable it is outright boring! Yeah, like who is more of a hypocrite especially when it comes to race.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.09.2009 @ 20:04

Let's just leave out percentages. I mean can someone be 5% racist, where do you start? Everyone is prejudiced to some degree but constant reinforcement can make someone racist. Rush is definitely adding fuel to the flames and he knows it. This whole we white men are victims and under siege spiel. IMHO, that is pathetic whining. Does that appeal only to Republicans? Certainly not, there are a lot of Democrats who susceptible to this kind of demagoguery too. I'm kind of with the crunchy con, now is not the best time to 'tackle' these issues.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.09.2009 @ 12:04


Of course Bush was in large part driven by ambition not conviction but that is almost everyone. I actually had (have) more respect for Bush senior who blue blood or not, served honorably in WWII. My biggest problem with GWB was the influence the neocons had in his first term. That did a lot of damage and fortunately the advisers from Bush senior then took over and despite what a lot of you might think I actually thought Condi Rice did a pretty good job in the end.

Comment Posted By funny man On 15.09.2009 @ 13:10


retire 05,
a lot of what you say makes sense. However, why always bring up the media and Alinsky. Just a bit predictable for my taste. Some on the left distort the right and vice versa; nothing to get exited about. My eyes just glaze over when I go to a right wing blog and I see this Alinsky fellow all the time. Never read him but I just don't see why he should be so important. Is he so much more convincing than Machiavelli?

Comment Posted By funny man On 13.09.2009 @ 16:48

Sometimes I really wonder if the message is not lost by constantly looking at things that don't matter like how many people were there, how did the media present the protests, are the characterizations fair are we 'better' protesters than the left. This really doesn't matter. When the civil right marchers were active in the sixties they were also ridiculed, ignored etc. However, they had a clear message and they fortunately prevailed because of their dedication and persistence. Just my 2 cents.

Comment Posted By funny man On 13.09.2009 @ 15:35


For me Van Jones stands for a lot of what went wrong in the black community starting at the end of the sixties. Strange as it may see to some of you, I don't think this is a partisan issue but an American issue. Opinions like his are commonplace in for example Detroit (I know that because I used to live there for some time; and not in the suburbs). So why are there so many black men locked up, so many kids born out of wedlock? Somehow the black community lost their moral compass back then and it is easy to say that is because of liberal enablers and welfare etc. Sure that is part of the story. However, conservatives are also a little bit to blame since they played the race card in the sixties and seventies e.g. Nixon's Southern strategy, anti busing that left blacks with little alternative but the Democratic party.

Of course he is unfit and I'm glad he resigned but the 'outrage' on both sides is also telling about deeper issues at play.

Comment Posted By funny man On 7.09.2009 @ 13:55


It is quite instructive to just look at all the love Ruffinini got at HotAir. So the basic story line is as follows: there is the evil left and the RINO traitors (all elitist, of course) and here are the true conservatives, fighting in the trenches, defending freedom, Rush and Sarah, real men and women (not sissys like all those East Coast country club conservatives) who don't need any of this intellectual babbling to know what is right from wrong. I'd call that attitude pretty arrogant and elitist!

However, surprisingly I'm pretty optimistic that sound minds will prevail because ultimately most of this is really nothing more than Hot Air. It will just play itself out. What are they going to do? Drive Olympia Snowe from her Senate seat to be replaced by....? Not a lot of clear thinking here.

Comment Posted By funny man On 6.09.2009 @ 15:50

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